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Monday, July 11, 2016

So much to celebrate!

Why not celebrate?  I am reflecting as the school year has recently ended,  how wonderful and

+refreshing life has been this year  Coming to a new life and job here in SC, has really energized my life and marriage  Each day, I get to do what I love, and each weekend, hubby and I get to play tourists, exploring new areas while we bike, boat or kayack.   Just spent many weekends and time in school writing SLOs, (student learning objectives) a mandate for all teachers in this state this year. While the value of going through the process is apparent, the large amount of extra work it required was a challenge.  The good news is that I was able to go through new teacher requirements, and state mandates, even passing the PLT Praxis, which I never had to back in Ohio; and teaching 2 preps all at the same time acclimating to a new culture. After jumping through all the hoops, I was offered a contract for next year, so it looks like I get to continue doing what I enjoy, we will rent another year, and our tenant will rent from us one more year as well.  Life will get easier as we bring down debt and live more simply.

Makes me itchy to do some crafting and sewing again.  I have been making simple aprons for my Students' of the Month..so each month after I pick a candidate, I size them up to reward them with a monogrammed apron.  One student was so pleased, he won't wear the apron, but he says he mounted it to his trophy wall.  HaHa, never heard that be a thing to do , but I am glad he will cherish it!  

And recently I joined a "free" yoga class at the local library.  I find it so relaxing and fun, I invested in a mat.  Of course, I needed a holder for it, so, after looking around on Pinterest and Etsy, I came up with a fun carrying case, I fashioned from an embroidered towel.  Some of you of a certain age, would know that the embroidery is called "huck" and I do remember my mother embroidering some of her towels  I always thought it was so much work for something you wipe dirty hands on!  This embroidered "huck"  towel I thrifted, was in perfect condition, and just the right size to accomodate the width of my yoga mat. It is basically a towel sewn into a tube with elasticized ends, with a hidden pocket for a cell phone and a hook on strap, taken from another bag I no longer have The tutorial steps I took follow here:

Vintage and Hip Yoga Mat Carrier

To create a casing for elastic on each end, I used hem lace.  Anything could sub for this, but I have a lot of it, so I am using it up.  Not shown, is a "secret" pocket I created to hide towards the top of the bag, with a button closure.  Not sure why I missed taking a pic of this, but oh well, you can use your imagination.

Pinning a safety pin on one end of a 4 inch piece of elastic,, I slid the elastic through on each end, securing it with a few zig zag stitches. Then I stitched the long  side seam, leaving an opening of approximately 8 inches towards the top of the bag. 

Next step is to sew in the velcro, I lined it up in the opening I left, and used a zig zag stitch. In the second pic below you can see the secret pocket, in a rose fabric. 

The plastic triangles I had from a crafting kit, and the strap from a briefcase, that somehow I no longer have.  You can find straps at thrift stores, or even in your stash of briefcases that you might not sue as originally intended.  I like that the strap has a non slip section which helps keep the bag balanced on your shoulder.  Below I am stitching by hand the triangles one on each end, securing to the elastic.

 The yoga mat caddy is practical as well as beautiful  My towel had a lovely hand crocheted border on each end, and of course a detailed design that someone spent a lot of time on. 

I love to use vintage linens in a new way, but also get them out from storage.  I get lots of compliments on mine at class.  I hope to scout around for more towels with similar proportions so I can offer these in my etsy shop in the future.  What do you think?  Do you have vintage towels that are too pretty to wipe dirty hands on, to repurpose into something practical?  Celebrate and Share with me!

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