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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas time is here...

 Time, something I haven't had much of lately.  All of my energy has been in getting to my jobs and leftover time was put to use making crafts for the show I went to last weekend.  Good news, I might just give some of my unsold items as gifts, as time and money are both in short supply.  So easy, to make things for the ladies in my life.  More of my energy goes into gifting them, but I will have to get crackin on the men.  Trips to the drug store and Giant Eagle for gift cards might have to round out my supply.  I really have so little creativity this year, guess crafting is low on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs...Food and shelter being first that is!  LOL, getting the gift of Omaha Steaks from my daddy in Florida, was so appreciated.  Instead of worrying about holiday meals, we can focus on the sides instead!

Pictured on my right is another piece of that grandmother's quilt, that I continue to use pieces of.  This time, I fashioned a Kindle Cosy, and since it wasn't snapped up yet, it will probably find it's way as one of my gifts for a nice or two.  I am working on a few more, the shape is simply an envelope, made to the measurements of e readers, like Kindle.  I checked with an actual one, and it fit nicely.

 And I have a nice supply of baby crocheted edge blankets, and now we can welcome Emma, who arrived almost 2 weeks ago to our family.  3rd child of Elizabeth and Patrick, we are definately tipping the scales lately towards females.  How nice for me, with my surplus of pink and frilly stuff.  Here is a pic of the cousins, our family is too big to frame in one pic, and the two newest girls to our family, one got all the pics, it seems! Maeve, was in the cutest tutu and headgear!

A week has gone by since I wrote the above, add a few m ore items to the list to check off.  A quick visit from bro Bill and his wife Donna, I was able to send with him all my southern relatives their little token gifts and candy, the McM Family party is past now, and with the occasion, I also finished all my Christmas cards, baking and sister in law gifts.  Also had my retail store party and I finished 10 sachets for gifting them as well.  My sewing room looks a bit trashed.  It is Thursday night, the night before Christmas Eve, and I am blissfully making a few treats and coasting into tomorrow.  A few small packages are wrapped and a few more to finish, but I can say I am done for now.  My two besty friends still get to exchange gifts and treats. Hopefully this can be accomplished before or after church services. And a gift that didn't need wrapping is arriving tomorrow afternoon. 

 Daughter will be returning from her 6 day trip to visit her friend in Ft. Lauderdale, and then across the state to her grandparents in Venice.  She has posted many great pics on Facebook of her adventures.  Her birthday/Christmas present was sunshine, especially since her hometown is bereft of it.  Our Miracle of Cheese, fondue meal will greet her and then church, and we will be ready for Christmas.  And another gift is a few days off from retail, which I am greatful for.  This house has been very quiet with her gone, and her brother too, off with friends.  Not ready for the empty nester routine, but we are getting a taste of it, for sure!
So alot can be accomplished in a short time, but I am so looking forward to kicking back and not having an agenda for a few days.  How about you? 
 Merry Christmas to all my readers and friends, I will finish with our Christmas card...
in the small print on the card it  reads,
 We are so blessed to love and be loved.  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


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