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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Double nickel, 55!

Laugh out loud, you didn't think I would put a picture of what I look like at this age!  The cute couple (us) to the left is a pic taken at a friends wedding.  I think we were married for a year, and we were back in the country by then.  Hubby has the obligatory 80's mustache!  Not sure who has caught his attention, but I blissfully smile for the pic!

Yes, I had another birthday today  yesterday!  I brought my daughter along, and we both agreed, it was our gift to be a blessing to our close friend as we visited..  And I got to spend most of the rest of the day with my darling 14 year old, part of the time at her fav stores at the mall.  I used my gift card to buy us some fab earrings, and for her, more shirts to go with all those skinny jeans, I will never be able to wear!  I have so enjoyed the fame that comes with having lots of Facebook friends, over 30 wishes by this hour!  I feel so special! 

My last post talked about my success at my quilt shop job.  Well, alot can happen in a few days.  I am no longer working there.  There is a story, but I believe God will open a window after the door was slammed there.  I have already had two interviews, retail of course, so I am hopeful.  Meanwhile, I will probably will continue to help sell real estate, make and sell crafts at few craft shows, substitute teach, and work a few hours a week to fill in the gaps.  I have so enjoyed the beautiful day that was today, I am in no hurry to do much!  To the left, a pic from brother's 50th, we celebrate alot of special days through July -September.  Daughter is the exception, in November.

My quilt has been stalled, but I cleaned up my sewing room, to purge any bad karma.  Daughter wants a new curtain for her closet.  I had this one there, (above) made form vintage crochet panel and old sheets.  She thought it looked "old lady".  Here is the beginning of the new one.

I had this pile of shiny black, kind of see through fabric, and I married the pink duck I had from a thrift store.  Daughter wants to paint her room a sophisticated gray, and wants black accents.  Her bedding was a big investment last year, so I convinced her to work with the bright colors, and coordinate with black and white.  You can see how slick it looks, and then back lit, with the closet light, how it makes her clothes look etheral?
And I attempted to make my birthday cake, with only 1 egg, since I was out.  White cake mix calls for 3 egg whites, so after scrapping it out of the pans, I poured the scraps into a big bowl, mixed with the frosting and coolwhip and called it dessert! 
I probably won't do this again, but it tasted it ok.  My gal friend Max dropped by with Eggplant parmesan, gifts and card.  She made my day, especially since it had been a pretty difficult week for us both! 
I leave you with the pics from a beautiful day, I thank God for it and for my family and blogging friends!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Sighs...

Some personal news, my now 25 year old son moved back home, and that has created it's own set of challenges.  Especially for my hubby, who now sits in his home office in the runway called my living room!  We are all making sacrifices as we creatively try to make the best of our situations.  More on this in the future, just let me say, prayers are welcome!

I have been settling into my "new" job, celebrating 2 months already next week.  There is still lots to learn, but I am grateful to my patient co-workers as they help me each day.  And I am making lots of new friends with familiar customers, even seeing them at my church!  I am making very slow progress on my quilt, as it is too hot in my sewing room!  I plan to go back up there tonight to clear an area to walk, in my wet bathing suit...ahhh

My brothers party was awesome, and it was nice to see alot of family too.  I think some fences might have gotten mended, and in so doing, my daughter and son have enjoyed seeing extended family again.  We seem to be dealing with our individual struggles, it is nice to stop and celebrate once in a while. 

On the sewing front, I am posting picures of my latest blouse, made from quilting cottons, Lily and Will collection.  It turned out nice, but I need to lose a few more pounds...I mentioned this in a last post, Sew Serendipity is the pattern, I need to make a few changes to customize it.  Love that Bernina machine though, I am becoming quite attached!

Here is a pic of the quilt from the Habitat collection that I am using as an inspiration.

Don't you love the "mod" flowers...and patterns!  I am doing the teal/taupe/green/black version...I promised hubby no more rose and blue ribbon quilts to sleep under.  My plan is to make by his birthday in September, ambitious?  Yes it is.  Since I am not an active quilter, this will be a challenge, but I like them, right?
For those of you who have stopped by looking for my Reap What You Sew linky party?  I am putting it aside for a little while, since I haven't had much computer time.  I hope to have more time in the fall to post tutorials and patterns...stay with me friends, I promise more is coming!  Till then, enjoy these summer weekends...:)

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