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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Heart Roses and Linen and a Mediterranean Garden Pasta Dish

The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns,
 oblivious of the rose....Kahil Gibran
Todays post covers my latest obsession, working with roses and linen.  Also includes gardening, birthdays and a great recipe I came up with!  Stick with me here, I want to make sure I cover recent events and provide a how to on the rose!

As to my latest obsession and my continuing quest for recycling and repurposing, I frequent my local Good Will, mainly looking for linen fabric or garments needing a new life to satisfy my need to create with this medium, specifically linen, gently worn, or very soft from years of laundering.   I came upon a large man's pink linen shirt and a newer column linen womens' dress, the latter I hoped to adjust to my size. I was able to save the top, and I intend to finish the hem and wear it some day.   (Another linen dress with tags still on, went straight to my closet after I discovered it fit and it still sported a price tag indicating it was from a fancy store! ) The good parts of the pink shirt and green dress inspired me to make a little feminine pillow combo. I hurried and made them to sell at the Historical Society Fair, and almost sold them. Instead I get to enjoy them a little longer. Pictured below, these two looked good together, but I will show you a short tut to make a simple crochet pillow cover a little more fab!

A simple tutorial follows for my version of a linen rose. I will demonstrate with a crochet pillow cover, already made up, but was kind of plain and we can't have that can we?

Before I begin, I have a little show and tell from the past few very hot weeks!  Along with very hot and very wild weather, we had lots of showy garden and vegetable displays.  The scary sky was a result of strong storms, with rainbows.  Twice in a period of weeks we had a sky wide rainbow that hung out for 10 minutes!

Here is my veggie garden, and my first fruits below!

Another fun event in the past weeks was a benefit  called Christmas in July that my good friend Paula did on behalf of finding a cure for her daughter Jordan and the IDEA League, an organization that helps families dealing with the difficulties with seizure disorders. She is leading the auction below.  The whole party center was decorated for Christmas, even Santa visited!  Lots of special kids were in attendance, and we left with a winning bid for the Jonas Brothers upcoming concert, August 31!  I get to take my daughter and a friend, I am so excited!

My besty friend Max and her daughter Meg, below and I am standing next to my happy daughter who hates photos as you know! Notice the linen dress,(ala Good Will)  hard to see it, it is ankle length and is an overskirt to a cream linen skirt.  I added my obligatory eyelet lace along the bottom, to give it some pizazz.
And two boys in our family celebrated birthdays, my son, not shown turned 24 and my daddy 80.  Below are some pics from his bash at a park by Lake Erie.  (My hubby and I met at this beach 37 years ago, so we love attending functions here, the water line and width of beach are constantly changing, kind of like our waistlines!   LOL
 And daughter and friend are enjoying "THE BIRDS".!
 Niece Megan and Aunty Helen enjoying their brief rest.  Megan got up and read a beautiful tribute to her grandpa, written by her older sis in college.  I video taped it, and I am hoping her voice can be heard above the playing children on the beach when I try to upload it to YouTube

A very nice night, and sunset, it was nice to see my dad's old friends and neighbors one more time.
Living with Vintage, Tutorial on Linen Rose Pillows
Switching gears, 2 more of my favorite people, picked up boxes full of vintage linens and doilies for me, Crystal and Paula, a big THANKS I need more to do!!! You are both sweet to think of me and to provide me with more raw materials for my follies!
 Which leads me to this stack of crochet pillow covers above;  from one of my friends elderly neighbors.
 Well I took some snips from my thrifted shirt and dress and cut longer strips from the pink shirt sleeves that were already hemmed to gather on one edge, using a long machine stitch.  This will become my rose...

 A square from an interfaced collar provides a base to stitch the rose to.

 Using a needle and thread I gathered up the fabric strip into a rose, anchoring  as I went. 

 A few more snips from the green linen provided the leaves. 
 The beauty of this rose pillow is it only took 20 minutes to embellish, the pillow cover was already made and while the crochet square was beautiful, I just had to add my Rosy touch.

 Don't they make a beautiful threesome? Watch for them to appear in my etsy shop soon!

Now for some FRESH Recipe ideas from your garden!

                                Greek Oregano
Fresh Salad

Simple and Fresh!  Gather your fresh veggies and herbs, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
 Boil water for pasta, make in the usual way.  While  pasta is going, put flour, sea salt and pepper into a shallow bowl.  Take your chicken breasts  and thoroughly coat them with the flour mixture.  Put olive oil in a skillet on high, lightly fry the chicken, till golden brown.  Add to the pot, fresh herbs, for me the Oregano has such a mediterranean flavor, I diced up a handful, as well as some french tarragon

 Added in this batch, olives, red pepper, a splash of white wine, some cherry tomatoes.  When the veggies are nice and soft, add the pasta, a little butter for taste, and then season with salt to taste.  Add your fresh salad and you have a wholesome, colorful, and flavorful meal  I make some variation of this dish frequently especially when I have fresh herbs and vegetables right out of the garden!

 Not shown is my salad, but I was in a hurry to capture before I gobbled it up!  Look around your garden or local fresh grocer, a tasty meal awaits!

Whew!  This long post is what happens when I don't keep up with posting...Happy August!


Shelby said...

That pasta dish looks amazing! It is making me soo hungry just looking at it, but I really like the style of the black and blue stripe womens dress in the pictures! It is a very simple but stylish look that would definitely be something I would wear.

The4Rs said...

Thanks Shelby, I think you mean the dress my niece Megan is wearing, it is darling! I have to ask her where she got it, I'll pass this along...Make some fresh garden pasta!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pillows. And I do believe that recipe is something my hubby would love. I'm going to have to try it.

The4Rs said...

Thanks for the kind words! Shelby, my niece got her dress at Penneys in SC and glad you get to make your hubby happy Jessica, tell him it is healthy too!

Nancy said...

The rose is darling! I love shabby roses ...can't get enough of them. The pasta is surely making me hungry. What a great time of year with all of the fresh veggies to go with it!

The4Rs said...

Love your site Ms. Reid! You have tackled way more than I have, namely upholstery! I hope to try that next, I have a sad couch waiting for the courage. Again, thanks for stopping by!

Abbi said...

Your pillows are very cute! I love the pink and green and florals all together.

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

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1. Your button will not automatically change on other people's blogs if you change it on yours.

2. To have the button go directly to the linky page simply copy and paste that page's web address into the code where your homepage address would be.

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

I love linen too. Those flowers are lovely!!!

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