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Monday, December 21, 2009

Make it a Merry Christmas

My top ten wish list for this week.

1. To be finished with shopping
2. To have 2 kids with lowered expectations
3. To surprise my 2 kids with more than they expected on Christmas
4. To safely travel to NC to visit my brother and sister
5. To travel without fighting with my 2kids
6. That my 2 cats survive without human interaction for a few days. *Sadly cat #3, 21 year old Cookie had to be put down this morning. Her pic finishes this post.
7. That I can exercise discipline over my over-eating
8. A prayer for those struggling with depression and loss
9. More Snow
10. To see the real spirit of Christmas joy in the faces of my loved ones.
What are you wishing for? Now I have to apply myself to the making it happen phase!
Meanwhile, I am offering a tutorial to keep your hands busy during the downtime of the week. This is a portable and make it up fast craft that your friends and family will enjoy.
CROCHETED EDGE BABY BLANKET or crochet edge any item you choose!

Start with a flannel blanket or fleece, prefinished or simply square off and turn edges under on
your sewing machine. Take a sharp pointy knitting needle or use an awl, and make holes along the edges, about a 1/4 inch apart. Begin by making a single crochet, securing the ends, by tying on or looping on.
Simply single crochet in each of the holes, with a chain one between them, or more chains depending on how far apart you make the holes. After a foundation round of single crochet, you can build on this row with many more rows. The picture of the fleecy blanket has probably 3 more rounds, making a scallop design. I freelanced the pattern, but borrowed the idea from a book I saw at the craft store. Make the edging thin or as elaborate as you want. I take this craft with me when I substitute teach, or at the doc's office. It is not hard and makes up something impressive in an hour or two. And the cost is minimal! For the headband, just buy an inexpensive set of gloves and band, and to finish, I made a small "flower" and sewed a peace button in the middle. So easy, but so satisfying to make especially for the attention deficit among us.
And here is another application on inexpensive accessories from Walmart.

So you have a little quicky Tutorial on Crochet Edging, Merry Christmas my friends, post your top ten Wish Lists in comments, I would love to hear yours~!

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