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Friday, November 20, 2009

After the market...and the boutique...

Homes Tour and Holiday market were not the big money maker we had hoped for. Together with my 2 crafty gal pals, under the name "It Takes A Village", we knew that a change of venue, (see pic above, of our Community house, fronted by the charming gazebo, used for weddings to band concerts) from the middle school and and with overcrowding in our community house, I think we were doomed to leave with most of our wares. Except of course my gal friends' Barbie sleeping bags, and glove stuffies. I heard the homes on the tour were fabulous, if I can, I will alternate with my pals next year and try to attend. We have some beautiful older homes in our area, many women spend alot of time decorating, and when I tour a beautiful home, I am inspired to at least clean off my counters, maybe arrange my clutter more artfully, in general make an effort! Sure it can be intimidating to see what others have that you don't. I find it something to aspire to, not covet. Well you can see the location of our market, above and side in the pics, as well as our wares! The pic reminds me to perhaps simplify next time, way too much to take in!

And now I have the local Rockets Boutique behind me, and while I had a table fee, I made my money back and then some! I was surprised at all the vendors, so many different ones, and the crowds were steady. I sold some of my wares to many familiar faces and friends. That was nice, my stuff going to good homes! Baby stuff and clothing went, my towels are mostly still around, maybe people don't want to buy them as gifts. Guess what I"ll be giving this year to my family!
Meanwhile, I am subbing alot, and this helps the bottom line. Still the full time gig is eluding me. I got to see some of my kids from my long term assignment, they seemed geuinely happy to see me. I hope to get more high school sub jobs, so I can check in on them. The teacher I subbed for was pretty quiet, and didn't tell me much about how I did or if she could find things. My gratification has to come from the kids reactions. Most say they liked the way I taught. And I know I gave it my all. Just check out my messy house, and you know I put everything on the back burner during those 9 weeks.
Thanksgiving came and went, quietly. My dad and step mom finally sold their home, (after 3 years on the market) and they left for their Florida condo a few days after. And a week ago Tuesday, my darling Kate became a teen at age 13, a dinner and movie party with boys as well as her gal pals. A top your own spaghetti dinner and a video from the library were the entertainment. They also ran around town with a scavenger hunt and sniper games. I am grateful we didn't have to spend too much. Her only wish was for a camera which we ordered on black Friday, with a discount and no shipping.

As I write this, she was happily showing me pics of her group members from a church retreat held in local homes over the past weekend. I was most inspired to see the whole gang in matching sweatshirts and jumping to the praise music. Most important, this was her generation, celebrating their faith and learning more about being in community with believers. Definately time well spent!

I will post pics as she releases them from her camera. I leave you with our favorite boy cat, Kitty, he gets to sport a new look whenever the kids are around. I will post a tutorial next post, on how to crochet a baby blanket. I have had alot of fun toting this craft around with me and it makes up quick! Make a burp cloth and loopy lovey, and you have a Baby Bundle Set, that has been popular as shower gifts. More soon, dear reader, stay with me! Subscribe so you don't miss!

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Living Space

If Mr. Linky brought you here today, Welcome! Of if you read other blogs, you know that sometimes your blogger friends get you to post pics that you wouldn't ordinarly. I took the my living space challenge from Heather, at Want What You Have , one of my regular blogs that I check in on. She asked for readers to link and show their space. In addition to the room I designed and had built in 1999 (with hubby of course) I am showing pics of my vintage linens collection. Well what I am not showing you is the real place I live, in my craft room. There you will find stacks, and piles and the maybe-I'll-get-around-to-it projects. Sunday is my next opportunity to sell my wares with my gal pals, under the sign of "It Takes A Village". If you have been a reader of over a year, you may have seen that I sent my pals in my place as I went on a biz trip with the hubby. Finances and animals are keeping me here this year, I will miss the garment district, where I poke through dusty old stores for sewing notions.

Oh well. I'll be plenty bizzy so I will content myself with what I must do in the next few days. No sub jobs till the end of the week, which leaves me no excuse but to tackle. But as promised, I am adding a tutorial here for a funky child's puppet, that I never got around to last summer, but plan to sell at the Early Childhood Homes for the Holidays Market at our Community House on Sunday.

Here is my Buggy Puppet Tutorial

Whew, I made 6 and stopped, don't know how well they will be received by the buying public. Time will tell.
As to directions, if you follow the pics, you will see how simple they are. Using old or new garden gloves as a base, simply cut an oval shaped body out of fun foam. Using a glue gun, assemble a matching pair of heart shaped wings. I cut a styrofoam ball in half and embellished them with wiggly eyes or sparkles. A little bit of netting, more fun foam, glitter, and wala, (I don't know the french spelling) and you have some buggy creatures that are sure to annoy the heck out of adults in nearby buzzing range. Remember, your kids are only young for a short time! Just be careful not to expose the very young, as some objects are sure to be choking hazards. Enjoy till next time!

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