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Friday, October 30, 2009

I hate Halloween!

Ok, I am not some deprived soul that was denied the "holiday" in my youth. Heck, I participated like most American children, but there was always an ambivalence about it. As a Christian, we understand that pagan traditions got mixed with the spiritual and that we are reminded that we shouldn't give in to the devil and the culture that has made Halloween as big as Christmas in some circles, maybe even bigger. Grown adults get to act like spoiled children, and parties and events seem to thrive on the macabre. The older I get, the more I despise it, but with a 12 year old still around, I have to hold it in check. Right now, she is spending hours applying garish makeup and I was just told we have to go to the drugstore to buy sparkly hair spray. She is going as a 60's girl, kind of mod, in a brightly colored sleeveless dress. Big earrings, hair and jewelry to match. At least the dress is a modest length. I will try not to judge too much. At least she is on her way to October Bash at our church, attending a fun program for her youth group. I hope they explain how Christians view this day differently...I am too perturbed to try.

Well today, I got to enjoy being a free woman again, my long term sub position ended on Wednesday, and I subbed the Jr High yesterday. I have my name in 3 districts, so I will have to learn to be flexible in the coming weeks. Pictured here is the foods lab, making pasta noodles from scratch, and the showcase window with my sewing students first sewing projects in them. I miss the kids already, I hope I can visit them when I am in the building.

Well I am off to the drug store, I hope to post a tutorial again soon, I just finished helping 33 girls make their second projects, purse/totebags, and I think I learned a thing or two in the process! Stay tuned, dear readers...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello October!

I love the seasons! While it is rainy and colder today, I know it will bring a blaze of color, and the crispiness of air and apple as we slide towards the winter. It is such a short time, I know I have to get outside and breathe in the coolness. Well I have been a busy gal with hours spent preparing for my classes each day, and still maintaining the stuff of life that I so enjoy. Pictured here is the big harvest of tomatoes I canned so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.
Now I have Mango Salsa and stewed tomatoes standing by to boost my recipes. And a bushel of Cortland apples made their way into sweet apple sauce with a little help from my step mom Ingrid pictured here grinding away...still hope to save some for a pie. I am not done making things with apples, though I will be digging in again soon.

I have so enjoyed teaching again this fall, my Creative Foods class have been challenged but also have shown me that they are up to it. Today we made Yeast Bread Coffee Cake, with the dough rising overnight, and then topping with a custard and fruit sauce. Our first go around over flowed the pans, and the recipe was too big for the small cake and pie plates we tried. Todays class got to make theirs in a 9x13 pan and they were quite attractive. I'll post a pic when I get one from a camera phone. Another 2 classes are beginner sewers, but after a letter pillow they are proudly making handbags, drafting the pattern and designing the result. I am so proud of their talents! My mainly Senior class called Transitions has been challening me to keep the material interesting but also I have to work hard to stay ahead of them. I spend more time each week preparing for it, than any other but after we get through the culiminating project a "mock" interview we should be able to switch gears and do more group work. I am amazed these kids can feel so comfortable with the electronic portfolio I have them making. Each part of the project gets linked to their portfolio, and we save some paper too by simply posting these to a shared drive at school.

I will be posting more items on etsy soon, I have quite an inventory, and am making more for an upcoming Holiday Marketplace. My friends and I tried it last year, under the name "It Takes A Village" and we are hopeful we are more savvy this year about what people are buying. Lots of kid friendly gifts for this one, my friend Paula makes Barbie sleeping bags and I will make quantities of hair clips and pins, keeping them low cost. And the stuff from vintage lace and quilts are always popular. I plan to post a tutorial for a fun pin cushion I made soon.

Well, I have to get caught up on my blogs, hope you all are enjoying your fall, wherever you are reading this!

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