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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look what I can do! (I twirl around as I say this!)

Ok, picture me twirling with joy as I tackled a mosaic project that I have been saving up pieces and parts to do, for over a year. I had the obligatory box of broken china, but also a nice collection of Lake Erie Beach glass, and boxes of glass for flower vases. on a recent trip to Loews I was oggling the ceramic choices, when I spied some inexpensive panels that had my pool and chair colors. I think it was called Calypso, I just had to have them, but once again, didn't really have a project in mind, till I remember the old piano bench I had been kicking around, that was snatched off a tree lawn two winters ago. I laid the tile on to see if it would fit, and though the surface was crumbling, I found a piece of chipboard that hubby cut to size for me. A week ago, my girlfriend and I glued some pieces on cast offs, an old bottle, a small heart frame, a little end table etc. with the hopes to grout all at the same time. But the piece de resistance' is my little coffee table bench.

The steps were so easy, I am sorry I waited so long to tackle it. First I glued down the main squares, centering them, with mastic, glue for tile. I began to layout some of my treasures, and after a day of tinkering, I began to glue them down, using clear tile mastic, so that the glass pieces would show what was underneath, the wood tones, mimicking the look of sand on a beach of course. Then, the next day, today as a matter of fact, I enjoyed a day of peace and quiet with kid and hubby gone. Sitting on the back porch, with my garden for inspiration, I mixed up the white grout, making a pasty texture, and wearing gloves I smooshed it in all around the little pieces and chunks of tile, taking a wet sponge to smooth things down. As it dried, I repeatedly wiped to keep the glass showing and the levels smooth. I forged ahead and finished several items, all working quickly to go back and rub with a web sponge, and then a final polish with a towel. I love the results!

Hard not to be inspired, with all of natures beauty around me! Hope you are having a nice Sunday. The message in church today, really hit me, it was on the Good Samaratin. We all wore bandaids home to show where we are in the most need for healing. I have major poison ivy on my wrists, but I put the bandaid on my arms, where I need help being more welcoming.
I happened to be sitting next to a gal I hadn't talked to in awhile, she was on crutches. During the service she shared with me that she had invited a girl friend to live in her home due to a divorce. I was suddenly inspired to ask if we could include her friend's kids in my daughters' Kiddie Kamp and offer the women some respite, and their children some fun; we have so much to offer, and kids need to be able to enjoy being outside and hanging with others to help them through the trauma. Here is a pic of my daughter and some of her kampers from last week. I hope we can all be welcoming, and enjoy the experience together!

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