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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Stuff

I have been so snowbound lately, literally and figuratively. Of course, we have had record snowfalls this week, we are an inch short of the record in 1978. My hand was healing nicely, but I had to go sledding with my daughter last week, and broke my index finger, landing badly after hitting the moguls with a thin excuse for a sled. Luckily,the seam on my hand held together, but my finger broke the tumbling. So today, along with physical therapy on my hand, I get to also work on trying to get my index finger back, though it is still very swollen. The therapist just shook her head, and made me promise I would leave it on it's splint more hours of the day. I was so hoping to get back to sewing and crafting, I am settling for typing, slowly...

Been in prayer with friends, about finances, and bills, and even was prayed over and anointed with oil at church last week, and prayers have been answered! We have a tenant for our rental property, I sold a picture to an ad agency and a few dollars came in for that too! And the snow has been so pretty, though isolating. Hubby snow plowed for some of our neighbors, a few items picked up at the grocery, babysitting a friends child, just checking to be sure we are all ok. Life goes on, but I definately have been pining for the sun, warmer temps, or optimism.
Googling the topic, SADD, the feeling caused by lack of sunlight and activity, I have a link here for others who are similarly affected, http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=341 Teaching school last year, I used this site extensively, for teaching nutrition, and physical fitness. There are great trackers, and articles and it is all free. While I am unwilling to count calories right now, I know how to get aggressive with nutrition, as we start to leave winter. Just now in the mood right now. More soon,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mother Nature gets our attention

Lots of snow this past week, and now the bitter cold, as schools were closed in Cleveland and across the midwest. Can't miss taking the dog on her twice daily constitutional, but definately a harrowing experience for any exposed body parts, my ears are still trying to come back to life!

Check out the socks on my pooch, Bella! She has such furry paws that we have to protect them from snow.

Walking in the beautiful metropark across from my home becomes a religious experience at times. Light filtering through the trees, snow sparkling like diamonds, freezing air that smacks you in the face. No gym workouts for me! Of course, it is hard to work the abs, unless you are slipping on ice that is!

And then there are hopes for spring, my paper whites bulbs finally have blossomed.
And just like hopes for spring, my hand is healing nicely too! Typing has been good exercise, and while, I haven't spent any time crafting, it has been a catch up on bookeeping and data entry for hubby. And job hunting, as we are falling short each month. I keep that one in prayer, but I welcome others as well.
Below zero and wind chills in dangerous level, but I promised daughter I would take her skiing. So I plan to hang in the lodge, maybe a good book as companion. She needs to be a kid, and enjoy winters' pleasures, just hope the cold doesn't kill the fun.
On a political note, any of you handmade crafters notice the new ruling that will take effect in February? What are you changing as a result? Do you feel fabric should be tested for lead by the crafter? Are you outraged that this law might take away a source of income for many? I have been reading blogs on the subject, but there is alot of confusion. More soon...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

I am cleaning closets, and putting a few handmade dresses in my etsy shop. I can't convince myself any longer that I will wear these items or remake them into something else, so it is time to let go, and let someone else enjoy, right? My pack rat and thriftiness gets in the way of reality sometimes, my depression era parents instilled that into me. Plus I am sentimental, so what can I say? Well, a new years resolution has to be to let go more, and move on, hope I can start soon! Meanwhile, here is a pic of some items I hope to move on, I used to sew with such vigor, and loved the creative process. Nowadays, I am looking for the quick and simple, so I know more has changed than just my shape!

We are having a huge snow storm today, I shoveled the driveway with my good hand, and used my right arm and legs to lift the snow out of the way. Took a long time and got a good work out, don't have my camera though to document. Snow is tapering off, and hubby and daughter are enjoying it I am sure at a Y Princess campout. I heard they even had a snowball fight in the indoor pool near the cabins they are staying in. I get to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet, with the exception of 4 demanding cats and one rambunctious dog! Well, time to feed all of them, hope you are all staying warm, and dry. Till next time!

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