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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giveaways and Rock Band Fun

Hi, quick post to spread the word, SewMamaSew Blog is promoting those of us who have blogs to make the 3rd a big giveaway day. Sounds like fun, I am offering a hostess gift towel/soap set, hand embellished and ready for your round of Christmas parties. Write a post under this giveaway, to be included. Winner will get announced on the 3rd.

Time seems to be going really fast, and having one successful craft show under my belt, I am trying one more next weekend. So hard to know what people are buying, but I will bring my repetoire with my 3 other gal friends, who participated with me under the name, It Takes A Village. We are each giving back a small portion to our special needs at church. It feels good to craft on a mission.

My little girl's 12th birthday party is tomorrow. We spent too much money on a xbox and Rock Band II game. Sitting here through all the rock band noise, all day, as she practices, I am wondering if this was such a great idea. Her pals are invited to participate in "the band" and they will get to have a Mary Kay facial and design their own pasta and cupcake. I will follow with pics, but here she is practicing with her friend.

Well, back to the crafting room, got to get ready for the last show and Christmas gifts. I want to recommend my friend Jessica at Happy Together . She has been doing a series on handmade gifts, she is up to # 6 in her series. The link above gets you to where she begins, with great ideas. I owe her a package for posting on my last givewaway.

More soon, make a note of that date!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleveland Rocks!

Hi friends, a quick post, if you live in my area, you would have read all about a few etsy artists in the Cleveland Team, that I recently joined. Great publicity for them and all etsians. Here are links to the article:



If you are in the Cleveland area, stop by to view my wares and a few friends, under the name "It Takes A Village" at the Bay Village Early Childhood Holiday Home Walk and Marketplace, with our table located at the Middle School. November 15th, 9-4. Pictured are our banner signs and my friend Paula's custom denim jackets, look for her kids items too!

Thanks to Happy Together blogger Jessica for commenting on my last post. I just haven't had much time to devote to contests or creating traffic, but I sincerely love those who have stopped by. Watch for a "pretty" in the mail from me soon.

Off on a quick biz trip to NY city, I will be scouting for some finds to add to my stash, and eventually to my inventory. Stay tuned, readers, some cool stuff coming!

Hey, if any of you professional bloggers read this, I need a tutorial on how to add a tutorial to my site. I want to add a few, but can't seem to figure out how upload a word doc and then link to it.
More later, feel free to post links to my problem!

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