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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love reading blogs!

I have only been blogging and reading them for a few weeks, and I truly am getting dizzy from all the great stuff out there. I follow many crafty blogs daily now, and have run into quite a few contests! I tried one here as well, but no takers! 

boating fun!

With our fav folk singer, at a west side home, David Francey

Meanwhile, a blog I just visited has some great gifts for checking them out. Hop over to visit Jayne at http://www.bunnychicboutique.blogspot.com/ don't forget to leave her a Comment and then for 5 extra Entries ~ post about this Great Giveaway on your Blog. This Giveway will include the Sew Gracious Spider Web Tote AND the Carnival Bloom Mini Wallet/Card Case.A winner will be randomly selected at Midnight ET on October 3, 2008. You don't need a Blog to enter ~ however, please provide an email address on her site.
Please visit Pam's Etsy Store ~ Sew Gracious to see all of her Trendy and Chic Designs!! She offers Boutique Bags, Clutch Wallets, Eyeglass Cases, Mini Wallets/Card Cases and Wristlet Key Fobs ~ all of which are meticulously handmade in her Robin's Egg Blue Studio.

What a great idea to up your readership, and of course, I will be back to see whether you or I win! Contest ends October 3, so hurry on over.

Whew, hope I win! Meanwhile, check out my etsy site, link on this page to see all the items I have added just this week! And please post a comment about my cozy, $5.00 coupon towards an item in my shop for winning my contest. I will announce the winner on October 5th, so leave me a comment, ok?

Got to get back to the sewing machine!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What do you want to cozy?

Created this "cozy" today, but not sure what to list on my etsy site as it's use. Can you help? I am offering a coupon towards buying one of my items to the person who comes up with a creative use for my cozy. It is sized 15x10x 3. I envisioned a large tea pot, 4 slot toaster or just using it to hide something. Email or post your ideas!
Fall starts today, there is definately a chill in the night air. Time to break out the quilts and get cozy! We spent the weekend, trying to squeeze out the last bits of summer, motoring on our boat on Lake Erie, riding rides at Cedar Point, (the roller coaster capital of the world) and getting plenty of sunshine after the previous week spent cleaning up and dealing with the last remnants of Ike. Looking over my piles of items to recycle and redo, I get excited for the rainy days. Then I don't feel so guilty sitting in my sewing room. What do you craft when the weather is nice or gloomy. Post your thoughts! Also, check out some of the amazing blogs I am collecting on my site. Some great ideas and recipes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greatful for electricity!

Today, I am grateful for electricity! Our little village got hit hard by the spinning top, "Ike", and we lost our ability to entertain, eat, communicate, and work for 3 days! Power was restored around midnight, last night (Tuesday) Today was spent shopping to replenish all the food that had to be thrown away. Ice in a box, just doesn't cover all the condiments and extras you stash for years in your refrigerator. So I got to clean it head to toe, and pitch all the mystery packages, so that we are now looking at fresh food, and fresh smelling fridge! My dad and step mom fed us a hot meal last night, and took in all my salvaged condiments and food. We get to go again tonight to eat up the over abundance our larder added to theirs. At least I can get back to this computer, I really missed it! But I got to reconnect with hand sewing, scrapbooking by candelight and the really beautiful full moon and stars we were treated to, as we walked the darkened neighborhoods. I really feel for the hard hit hurricane areas, at least we didn't have the driving rain and water. Blessed to be sitting here right now, thanking God no one was hurt as trees went flying on Sunday night. Well here is a recipe I am hoping to try, perhaps tomorrow, I enjoy this meal at the Buca di Beppo near by us, so much so that I found a "copy" on the internet. Don't have an author, but I have made it, and it is great.Enjoy...

Buca di Beppo Lemon Caper Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, (6 oz ea) Salt, to taste -1 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup olive oil - 1/2 cup white wine 4 large lemons 1 stick unsalted butter, softened A small handful drained capers

Cut three lemons in half and use for fresh lemon juice. Pour the juice through a fine strainer. Cut the last lemon into wedges for garnish. Begin to heat the olive oil in a 12-inch saute pan on medium-high heat. While oil is getting hot, lightly season both sides of the chicken breasts with salt. Lightly dust the chicken breasts in the flour. Shake off excess flour. Place chicken in the saute pan skin-side down.When the chicken is golden brown, turn over and brown the other side as well. It is important to brown both sides to insure the chicken is completely cooked through. When both sides are nice and brown, add white wine and lemon juice. Continue to cook for approximately two to three minutes. The liquid should reduce approximately half.Once the liquid is reduced, remove the chicken breasts from the pan and turn off heat. Check to make sure the chicken breasts are cooked by turning each piece of chicken over and cutting it halfway through with a knife. There should be no visible pink. If the chicken is not completely cooked through, place in a 400 degree oven for five minutes to complete cooking.Finish the sauce by placing the softened butter in the pan. Using rubber spatula, work the butter into the sauce as it melts. Pour sauce directly on top of chicken breasts. Garnish with capers and lemon wedges. Makes 4 delicious servings!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Rambling We May Go, The Journey Begins!

First time publishing my own blog! Ok, I have guest starred on other blogs before, but this is exciting to have my own place to ramble, and rant and maybe share in the crafty community my ideas and learn a thing or two!

Here is what I made a few days ago, and am now taking orders on www.The4Rs.etsy.com. I hope to pick up a few new friends and maybe indulge my passion for handmade. Watch for recipes, giveaways and fun!

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