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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cross Body Bags, in search of bodies...and other crafts looking for good homes....

The epilogue to my recent visit to Shelby will be written as:  Pyscho therapy, in the form of intense sewing and crafting=new inventory for future craft shows.  Right, didn't sell much, but what have I learned?   After an invitation from my gal pal, Crystal, (pictured in her crafty coat finery) to join her in crafty crime at an indoor pop up market for 2 days, caused me to sew every night when I wasn't working, to come up with marketable items for the show.  I even crafted new displays and came up with some inexpensive crafty items hoping to cash in big time.  Sadly, the traffic was minimal but the networking was valuable.  Most of the gals selling were hopefuls from the farmers market and nearby venues, and my gal Crystal was busy talking up the future of this same indoor market location as a place for shops to flourish.  A shout out to Lisa, who invited us to try our luck, and for her possible future plans to make her dream come to life in offering her large warehouse space for others to sell their wares.  That said, the following pics and tutorial are what I came up with.  Perhaps you can be inspired to try a few of these, and maybe, share with me your tips!

But a brief story about my journey to farm country: I have a feeling you city slickers out there can relate to this...we recently switched from Verizon to T-mobile cell service, and the lack of which caused me to have to rely on this:
and after a wrong turn and many miles, this hand drawn map above guided me so I could arrive at this lovely farm house in the woods

so I could set up here:

Crystal hard and work cutting hexagons and pressing for Granmothers Garden Quilt

You remember these little lacy pins, if you look to the left in this pic with the suitcase display, I borrowed an idea I saw on Pinterest, using a stack of crochet thread on a dowel stand, pinning them so they provided a vertical display.  I put one of my chalk tags at top with the price.  If you also look at my suitcase, filled not quite full, with lacy earrings, headbands, and hair clips, they are securely displayed on little card stock cards, but mostly tagless as I can't stand to see all the paper and strings clogging up the works.  On the right side of the suitcase are larger items, lacy headbands, and hair wraps.  At top are my wonky phone charger holders, more on this in a min.  My ribbon straps are mostly secure with hot glue on the back of the foam board, with velcro sewed on to the ends that attach to hot glued pieces of velcro that are on the fronts of the boards.  I also glued vintage buttons to the ends to give a little panache.  I got a few compliments on the use of this vintage suitcase, but the best part is that I can pull the boards out of the case and still use as a suitcase, if I want.  Yes, this is from my youth, hot orange..those rockin sixties!

Velcro on the ribbon ends attach easily to the strip of velcro I hot glued to the outer edge.  Not seen, I also place a small stick on velcro behind each panel to secure.  When I travel, I simply remove the panels so it becomes a suitcase again.

Makes a great display, don't you think?

 Here you can see one of my happy customers, Katie is modeling the big rose headband I made with a purchased hard band, and fancied up with lace and a flower.  She place an order for a cross body bag with a cupcake theme, I am already working on it, and hope to send it along soon.

Notice the neat fort made from the hideout for boys that is created by a crafters fleecy tied blankets display.

This Paparazzi jewelery lady bought my chalkboard clip magnets.  After a time, we were purchasing from each other for entertainment.

Here you can see the scale of this former carpet store. Spacious and quaint, we had a nice spot at the top of the balcony, where it was warm and cozy.  The seamstress/entrepreneur who organized the shindig, hopes to lease or purchase the space and turn it into a place for crafters to showcase and sell their stuff.  I hope she gets it, it is a neat old building, and even has an elevator.  The third floor could be a living space, so no commute for her.  Stay tuned...

Small town, located right next to the grainary and the railroad tracks.  Here you can kind of see the Shelby mainstreet, our carpet warehouse building is behind the gate in pic

All in all, I am happy I got to visit with my dear friend, (and hubby Jim), make some inventory, and spend two days networking with hard working crafter ladies.  I am sure I will be seeing them again, this summer during the weekly Farmers Market fairs...
Etsy fans, I will be posting some of my bags and finery, please do not hesitate to favorite and better yet buy or place a custom order!

Sunset in the country...ahhh

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