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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart This!

Nokomis Sunset Drum Circle
Hearts filled with gratitude, for safely arriving back from our 5 day quest for sunshine! So nice to visit with my Dad and step mom Ingrid, who turned 70 last weekend, Venice Florida.   Our trip was to honor her birthday, but also with cheap air fare and a long weekend away from retail and school, the stars aligned for us to go.  She was recovering from dental surgery; and was more than willing to let us jump in her car the first day, and accompanied daughter and I as we took a few short trips each day, exploring.  Over the 5 days, we got to 3 beaches, 2 craft shows,  a Rescued Big Cat Exhibit, a dolphin watch boat trip, 1 flea market and 1 sunset drum circle.  Additionally we ate seafood every night, and chilled while watching the sun set.  I felt so relaxed when I got home, resuming work with a snow storm as background was a little challenging, but doable.  While in Florida, I took a text from my gal pal Crystal, asking if I was back yet.  I asked her what crafts and shows she was working on, and she told me about the one coming up in Shelby, an indoor craft show staged in an old carpet warehouse.  So that got me researching and plotting to make some new crafts to bring.  You can see more about Crystal and her wonderful farm home here.

Displaying IMG_3252.JPG
So I took inventory of my burgeoning vintage lace, fabric and wood pieces and clothes pins collection and decided to come up with some inexpensive things to make and sell, and if time permits, some new lighter cross body purse/gadget bags.  I have only just begun, but here are a few of the things I made Saturday night and Sunday morning while sipping my coffee.

Displaying IMG_3254.JPGThe flower and heart motifs I cut from vintage linens, and bits of trim, and using Stiffie, (fabric stiffener) I painted them with several coats, letting dry overnight.

Displaying IMG_3255.JPG
As you can see, I then used my hot glue gun, and glued on pin backs, and then embellished the fronts with little ephemera I have been collecting over the years.  Broken earrings, or onlies, beads, tiny ribbon roses etc.  In addition, I have a lot of clothes pins, wooden sticks and shapes that I assembled while the glue gun was going.  Using Modge Podge, I glued paper to the front of the sticks, painted the shapes with chalkboard paint, and tied ribbons to the tops of the tag style wood shapes.  Most also got a magnet on the back of the clothespin, so the clips can be multi-purpose.  I intend to use the clips to label some of the prices for the show, and of course sell them for a nominal cost.  I made extra wood tags to sell for packages or vintage jar gifts.  With Valentines Day coming up, I hope the heart pins will move, if not, I don't have a lot of time or cost into them.

Sew a crossbody purse with a zipper on sewmccool.comThe final 2 items: is a cross body bag, that is sized for an IPad or any reader, and of course pockets for the phones as well, (shown on the left) as I researched ideas and am hoping to make my bag unique with lots of fabric collage and trims.  I continue to avoid putting any extra cost into the materials as I have a plethora of all.   I probably won't be using webbing or D rings, but I cut out a few bags to start, possibly using fabric for the handles.  The other bag idea, I saw on Pinterest, making a small cell phone charger case that hangs from the plug block.  So many times I have to hang my phone from a desk top or left on a floor while it charges.  I think the teen set would like these as well.

Sandy'sSmarty Charger Holder

Sandy's Sassy Cross Body Bag

So here is what I have so far, I think I will add grosgrain ribbon around the plug opening on the Smarty Charger, I'm still playing with the design, probably will make them longer so they can fold over when not in use.  I cut out the makings of several of each, hoping to get faster, so they will make me some money for my time...I guess they are providing me with some therapy, as the cold and snowy weather continue to wear on me.  Hubby has been working long hours, and I feel I need to keep busy as well.  My jobs continue, I average 50-60 hours out of the home each week combined retail and subbing.  The latter, allows me to bring hand sewing or cutting out so I don't feel so bored.  I will work up a tutorial on my next post, hoping to streamline my processes...9 days till the indoor craft show, here is the poster for it, if you are in the northeastern Ohio area,  the quaint town of Shelby, Ohio  - please come and see us!

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