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Monday, March 3, 2014

More Snow Means More Crafting

Chili anyone?

  Snow, and more snow, 60 plus inches so far, though 1978-1979 was the record...79.1.   This winter has been a contender for the record books in our region. When that sun comes out, we get a reprieve and melting, and the sidewalks and streets reappear.  Life goes on, a recent Key Club fund raiser had me making pounds of chili, and unlike last year when I judged, I didn't win a ribbon.  I was glad to contribute, always for a good cause!
I sub and work retail as usual, though snow days have taken it's toll on my earning potential!  

So for the long hours of sifting through my stash of towels and vintage quilts/linens, I thought I should begin by emptying out the piles of usable hand towels out of my stash and cobble together some new kitchen towels and potholders. What I use every day is practically in shreds, from constant use and abuse.  

Super Fast Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel:
After 35 years of marriage, I have to say I am truly in need of new kitchen towels, hand and bath towels.  Of course, I never like spending the money on new, or fancy ones.
 Quick trips to the dollars stores, can yield simple waffle type towels, or off brand and flawed small bath towels.  Why settle for boring? Here on right is a simple plain jane dollar store waffle style dish towel, I matched a piece of vintage quilt scrap to it, and decided to go the easy route, and simply stitch the strips on, across the top and bottom. I left them raw edge, and after repeated washings, they will be fuzzy but shouldn't unravel. I folded the top over, about 1 1/2, to accomodate my thick oven door handle, and zig zagged on a piece of velcro.  Voila, in minutes I have a hand towel that stays put.  The shot of red helps perk up the cooking chores; and I made hubby promise he wouldn't use it to bleach the countertops, like he usually does.  

 Here is an example of a hanging towel for bath or powder room.  Again, scavenging a piece of vintage quilt, I cut up a smallish bath towel, and paired the two.  Simply stitching a hem on the cut side, and running a line of stitching across the top, creating a pleated effect.  To effectively use the Grandma's garden flower I centered it on another piece, sewing right sides together, and created a back for support.  A second piece of fabric sewn right sides together and turned, made the back flap.  My "Powel" style pot holder towels for kitchens are similar, though I usually use a vintage button, and make a buttonhole or loop.  The lazy and quick way, is to simply sew some velcro on the inside, and you have instant hanging towel, for hand use.   I can make 6 of these from a simple small bath towel, and they are so much beefier than the wimpy dollar store dish and hand towels.

A larger piece of waffle fabric in my stash, provided the dish dryin mat, and again, a quick and simple square with bias cut calico to finish the edges.  

You can take a smaller towel to do the same, but I had purchased the fabric some years ago.  My goal is to destash and dehoard my huge collection of miscellaneous vintage linens and fabric as a future move is still on the table.  I am sure I will have to reduce my whole sewing room into a few boxes that can share space with a guest room/office.  I sew/craft to fill the long hours of bad weather, and satisfy my need to create.  But if we move to a climate that allows me to be outside more, I will be redirecting my energies to more active pursuits.  
Thinning out and finding homes for my kids excess toys will be the hardest.  Somehow, it is so hard for me to let go of those memories, and I spent many years as a young mother, picking those toys up and moving them around.  They represent happy memories that I wish to create with my future grandchildren.  But storing them in the hopes they will be enjoyed, is probably going to be futile.  Do you move with these memories?  Or do you let someone else have them?


Karen Powell said...

Great ideas,Sandy! Now, we need to get together so you can help me get this blog thing started. :-) Or maybe, I will just tell my stories on Facebook! We'll see. KP

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Testing to see if I can comment on my own blog!

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