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Monday, January 27, 2014

Looky what I won!

Look what I won!  I rarely enter contests, but I am a believer in leaving a comment with my fav bloggers.  this from Elizabeth of Such a Sew and Sew
1000th Post Giveaway:A fat quarter bundle in a rainbow of beautiful colors and prints.

Winner drawn by LadyBug

Congratulations to
:partytime: The4Rs :partytime:
at Recycle, Repurpose, Redo and Renew

This was my response to a question about favorite things to do in your free time was: Wow, I am the first! I love to read blogs and pin ideas to Pinterest. This year my goal is to actually try some of the ideas I covet! And of course, I love to craft and sew; always looking for inspiration. Love your giveaway, I think a rainbow doll quilt for a niece would be fun to make with it!

Guess I better make good on my promise!  I was close to my nieces house, on a recent trip back down south to get my fingerprints done in SC.   I got to stay with my bro and sis in law in the Charlotte area.  I toted along a big box of my daughters Pet Shop toys, to help occupy my grand nieces as their mom underwent surgical amputation of her leg due to Osteosarcoma.  I left toys and small gifts and baskets for my sisters daughters and families to pick up from brother's.  I missed getting to see my sis, as the trip to get fingerprints took all day.  

We have been feeling pretty helpless as we watch my niece bravely fight, detailing her journey on Facebook of course, and as of writing this, she is doing well after a "rotationplasty" was performed.  Saving a foot to stand in for a knee joint, is how she will navigate going forward.  Still undergoing chemo, since September, she has been such an inspiration with her honesty and strength.  I do hope to make two doll quilts for her daughters, and the timing of the cheerful and beautiful colors above, couldn't be better! 

On my recent trip I also got to see my brother's new home in Statesville, NC that they already have begun renovating.  Since they have been renters for a long time, having a home again, of their own is just so exciting. 

I think this year will see big changes for my family.  This trip to SC was number 3, in my attempts to lay the groundwork for possibly moving the family to the Beaufort, SC area pursuing a possible job opening for Family and Consumer Sciences.  I met one of teachers that are retiring last October, and I have high hopes that there will be something for me.  Hubby can get his SC real estate license, and that might lead to working with rentals and relocations.  My high school aged daughter is so ready to move, she has no qualms about leaving before her senior year.  On one hand she will get to make friends before they go off to college, and just maybe, she might be able to take college level courses since she has so many credits with our present district.  The future is looking interesting!

In prep of putting pics up to put our home up for rent, I have been cleaning like a madwoman, and "staging" my pics to show our home's features.  As I gather these, I have fears that whatever I am moving to will never measure up!  25 years is a long time to be in one place; it is comforting and suffocating at the same time.  Here are some pics of what I "might" be leaving behind.


Perennial Gardens

Soaking Jacuzzi Tub

 Roomy great room with a vintage fireplace mantel/entertainment center

Wood floors throughout and a master bedroom with loads of custom storage!

A repurposed bedroom into a sewing room, with everything I need to create the 4RS way!
Will I be happy with a lot less?  If this move makes financial sense for us, the answer is YES!  More to come, but I welcome any comments about transplanted bloggers out there...At age 57, I feel that I am still young enough to adapt.  Your thoughts?

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