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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas was a success, now for more winter...

My family was the host this year for the hubbys big family Christmas, we chose a local party room for a condo complex, and it was a perfect venue for our Retro Christmas Party, complete with fondues and finger foods.  Here are a few pics as a recap, I do enjoy the slice of life that a blog provides, especially since it is often years before I can piece the pics together into a photo album.  Enjoy...

My two kids, and the ladies of the group, we are just too large to all pose for a photo!

As of today, if you live in the North East, you are snowed and frozen in!  7 below this afternoon, and no school for the past 2 days.  It has been a awhile since we have had a frigid winter, but living in the long underwear and wool socks has its charms...Nice way to begin the school semester, for a substitute teacher, no work, and even my retail job closed early, since it is located in an outside "lifestyle" mall.  Ham and bean soup on the stove, turkey in the refrigerator, we can live out of it for a few days.  Nearby, a community lost their gas connections, which means a lot of people are living away from home.  Brrrr, we are chilly, but that would be worse!  Buying daughter taller Ugg boots and a winter coat were smart choices this season! And longer underwear are definately being worn this week!

The following pics show what I have been up to, I got so excited to see something sold on Etsy a few days ago, makes me want to get sew again.  Two matching dresser scarfs, but one repurposed into a pillow sham, with a chenille back.  Purchased by a gal in PA, off it went this week!

  On the left,  a pic of a wonky bottle cozy with a key change connector, I sent to my 30 year old niecey.  She is undergoing cancer treatment for Osteosarcoma and will soon have a leg amputated.  We have been so devastated, but helpless to do much.  I know my sister's family have all pitched in, wish I could do more.  The surgery is in a week.  I am hoping to be near by, as another trip to SC has to be taken to finish up my SC teaching license.  Praying for better weather!

  I modged podged fabric motifs onto an old hat box and leather journal, both screamed for some embellishment.  Just like last year, I shopped my local thrift store for materials, see this post;  but this years twist had me shopping my craft closet for pieces and parts that have been waiting for the right inspiration. The fabric flower was cut from a 50's table cloth owned by my mom, that I couldn't bear to give away.  I have made some hand towels and kept the bigger flowers for using again on something worth keeping.  The hat box, while beat up from holding crayons, was salvageable.  I modged the top, and then glued in the lining of the box, finishing with a ribbon hot glued to the edges A few other mod podge moments, below, I did alot of shopping at the 5 and under store, buying the fam little stocking stuffers and wanting inexpensive ornaments to decorate my white tinsel mini tree.  I took these off the rack ornaments up a notch, with leftovers from my lace earrings, that I gifted my co-workers with.

Another project that has kept me very busy, that was on hold up till recently is a quilt top that I began 2 years ago.  Now that my bedroom is a pretty beach glass color, it is going to look so much better, so I am adding to my pile of "snow balls" named for the shape of the quilt patch.  Stay tuned on whether it gets finished or not!  What have you been working on?  Leave me a message!


Elizabeth said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas and there is lots of great crafting going on.

I e-mailed you last night, but sometimes the words "giveaway" and "winner" in an e-mail subject line get the e-mail sent straight to spam. You are the winner of my rainbow fat quarter bundle giveaway and I wanted to make sure I got a hold of you because I'm going out of town very early tomorrow morning & wanted to get your prize sent out before we go. Please send me your mailing address and I'll get it out this afternoon.

Thanks & congratulations!

xo -E

The4Rs said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth, I bragged about my win on my next post. I hope you got my email of thanks, if not, here you go!! God Bless!

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