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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let me vent for a minute and then celebrate an anniversary...

Soapbox time!  I have been an "unemployed" Home Ec teacher for some years now, working for retail and substitute teaching.  Everywhere I go, I am reminded that we as a nation are experiencing a real lack of Life Skill education!  Simple comments at my store like, "oh, I could never sew on a button, or take up a hem", or when discussing GMO's in a biology class, explaining that you are already eating those...curious looks...I hear all about the trips to fast food, or spending big bucks at restaurants, and wondering why there is no money in the budget for car maintenance or groceries.  I wonder why common sense has become passe?  

There are alot of teachers like myself that have been kicked to the curb as programs are dismantled due to budget cuts and failed levies.  Last week, I had a job interview with a school system that still sees the value in teaching nutrition and life skills.  I am praying for the chance to prove my value as an educator and as an "activist" for promoting cooking from scratch, farm to table, using what you have and not what you want etc. I stopped by Jamie Oliver's site again today, and left him a few words about restoring my subject area in schools. Why reinvent the proverbial wheel?  We have been here all along, waiting patiently to find work and to promote our back to basics knowledge.  Are you with me, anyone in readerland?
if so go to Jamie's site or fill this out and send it to him


I support food education in every school.
Dear Food Day/JOFF,
I/We support the essential mission of creating a food literate society, and affirm that food education should be available for every student in every school in America. As a result of diet-related disease, this generation of children are predicted to be the first to die at a younger age than their parents. Healthy diets are critical to healthy lives but our children lack the knowledge to make the right food choices and the skills to be able to create healthy, wholesome, nutritious meals.

I/We believe that improving food education will not only help to reduce healthcare costs, it will protect the health and wellbeing of our children and families, and enable the next generation to make life-long healthy choices.
[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]
Ok, now for more everyday life stuff.   Still no word on the recent interview, but I am staying busy.

Last week, honey buns and I celebrated 35 years of bliss together...not necessarily constant, but more joy than sadness that is for sure!  We took off for 2 days without kids, something we have rarely done in all our years married.  Of course we were 9 years without kids before they came along. We are starting to experience the empty nest  as we probably will be looking at it in the next two years, but we have been parenting for over 27, so a break is probably in order...(2 kids, after 9 years of infertility, and 10 years apart, do the math!)

We met a lonely soul at the dock, (not many people had braved the constant rain and storms, we have endured in our area for over 16 days.)  He owned 2 boats, one which was a decommissioned 1960's style Coast Guard boat.  He decided to take us for a ride, and we ended up helping him gas up, at a neighboring marina that had diesel (to the tune of several hundred dollars).  A big steel tug, with very powerful engines, we had a lot of stares when we pulled up.  We obviously weren't with the Guard, and people had a lot of questions.  We got thoroughly soaked, so a quick change and then we headed to a local winery for a drink and ended up staying for the sea food buffet!  Tons of crab legs and delicacies later, we were satiated!  More rain completed our stay, I got a lot of reading done, and we enjoyed the peace and quiet.

This summer hasn't been normal, yesterday began the first days of drying out, and while my gardens have been lush, the yard has been a pond.  The pool has been too cold and with all the rain and cloudy days.  Hotter days are predicted for this coming week, so I am sure we will be getting in and enjoying it soon, though school begins for many in one month!  How is this possible!  They seem to be shorter than ever!

A, some sun to enjoy on a Saturday.  Looking forward to more this week!  We will have to work at playing a little harder with the time we have left!  Enjoy your week!  I will share some jewelry ideas, next post, I have been playing with it again, when I get a little moment to myself. I leave you with a 7/7/78 photo filled with polyester!

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