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Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage and New Crochet Craziness...

From one piece of vintage crochet table cloth, inspiration to embellish springs forth!

An intact piece cut from the crochet panel you see on the left, chosen for its'  nice scallop edging fills in the deep v of a cream colored cotton sweater.  It was so plain jane before, but it rocks with the crochet touch!

I simply cut a piece, to fill in, but it is also important to try it on with it pinned in, so you can see if it is gappy or ill fitting, adjust the sides.  I also backed the piece with a filmy piece of sheer poly in cream to provide it with support.  Top stitch both sides, and voila...

The crochet does gather a little, but I like the effect.

I have alot of this leftover crochet panel, though lots of it was falling apart. I have many favorite sweaters and tops that have shrunk in length over time.  I so love the look of lace or crochet edges peeking out, I decided to take a large hunk of this crochet, repair it where needed and refinish the scalloped edge where if was tattered.  This project has been a nice take along this week while subbing, and it was easy to just follow the pattern to give the looser threads support.


You can see the thread I am using is slightly darker, than the original piece, but it gives i definition.  The taupe sweater I am applying this to, was another plain jane thrift find.  It needed some buttons so I chose some from my vintage button collection, applied the vintage lace around the neckline, and on the sewing machine, stitched the raw edge right onto the bottom of the sweater.  You can find sweaters with thrifted elements all over crafty sites, but I love how unique you can make something with not any investment other than some satsifying crafting time. The Sharp Crochet Hook, helped inspire me to apply crochet in more places with more of my thrifted stuff. 

Another project with another shrunken sweater, already had some handcrocheted embellishment around the neckline.  I wanted to add some inches to the bottom, and thought this would be a nice project to use my new Sharp Crochet Hook I got for Christmas.  My smaller hooks would probably work as well, but I consulted the little pattern book that came with it and decided to add one of the borders and then I added a few more rows to it to give it some more width. 


You can see where the sharp hook pierces directly into the knit, and after a base row of single crochet, you build on it with your design.  Of course you could make your trim separately, and simply sew it on, but it is hard to get the right size and this design stretches with the movement of the knit, so this method is superior.  Any of you try crocheting directly into a garment or thicker material?  Post your successes with a link, I also put up some good links on my Pinterest. Stop on over, and follow if you want!

Switching gears, Cleveland weather keeps us indoors for weeks at a time, we had a first taste of spring yesterday, and to get us ready, we went to our Botanical Garden last weekend.  Here are a few photos from that little outing, such beauty under glass!


Post a comment!  Share your links and stuff!I will post some lace applications on my next post, using trims and simple whip stitch.

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Keep Calm and Decorate said...

I love the lace, such a great and thrifty idea. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

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