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Friday, January 18, 2013

Shopping your local thrift store for crafting materials...

I am an infrequent poster on other sites, but I just stopped by one of my favs, Going Green Crafters and Artists...and left the following post.  If you are just stopping by my site, for the first time, please leave me a comment!  I will reciprocate!

Thrift stores are great places to shop for the raw materials to craft great gifts!  This past Christmas season, I took a few trips to my local Goodwill.  There you will find the castoffs from households that can yield great fodder for unique ideas.

If you need a hostess gift, try bejeweling salad servers, or any serving spoon.   Pick up old necklaces, or bags of beads, tarnished but serviceable serving spoons or pieces, some wire from the hardware store.  Begin by polishing the pieces to a nice shine, string some beads through the wire, and begin wrapping the ends, securing larger beads with jewelers glue, to hold in place. You are reviving old and tired and making new and fab!

Search through the piles of household linens, and you can find stashes of placemats and napkins.  Try stitching a placemat into an insulated casserole. My finished version is rolled up and tied with a ribbon, i didn't get a final pic, as I hurried to send it to my Florida family for Christmas.  Here are a few of the steps:

 Simply make a sandwich of the placemat and another fabric, preferably something that is quilted or thicker for insulation.  Here I used a damaged depression era quilt piece. Before you stitch, make a handle out of coordinating fabrics.  I made the handle  about 2 inches wide and the width of the placemat.  I made the strap from the same quilt, and backed with cute polka dot scrap.  Stitch the handle right sides together, leave a small opening, turn right side out.  Pin the handle in the center of the placemat securing the ends with pins.  Stitch all the way around, leaving a small space for you to turn right side out.

here the handle is peeking out in the placemat "sandwich"
Stitching around the outside, leave the end open.  Turning right side out, trim excess fabric and clip corners, stitch some velcro on the end.  My quilt piece had some bias tape already applied to the edge, so no edge finish needed.  You could turn the edge before applying the velcro, here it was simply zigzagged in place.  This placemat was on the smaller side, so my 11x7 casserole fit nicely.  

A few more linen pieces made into a few items. I have posted about this on another post, I am a big sucker for vintage linen.  I had scored a stash of old linen cross stitched table cloths, many were stained or full of holes.  The biggest piece below came from a cross stitched tablecloth.    Here it is made into a pillow, the smaller pieces, for sachets, filled with rice, and touched with frangrance oils, and other ends made into guest towels. (not shown)

The linen pieces make beautiful sachets..

Here is another use of salvaged linens, made into ornaments.  I found a stash of wooden hoops, and simply glued and trimmed each with ribbons, lace and old buttons.  Great to use fabric roses made from strips or ribbon roses, sometimes you can score ribbon and craft supplies at Goodwill.  These are snapped up pretty quickly though.  Even old doilies, some worn or with stains, can be renewed with the right placment of embellishments.

Crochet panels, probably made to grace sofa backs or used as table runners make great curtains!  Here a long panel was cut in half, then turned over at top to make a casing for the curtain rod.  I didn't even hem, but I did line with an old sheet to keep sun from damaging the fibers.

What will you find when you shop your thrift store?  Give the items new lives as gifts or useful items for your home.  Try "the 4Rs" way of re-creating for a fresh and "green" approach to your world.  Sandy


Halle said...

Great ideas!

Catskill Quilter said...

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this post! I love the ornaments from old linens; my daughter and I are always on the prowl for them and this is a fabulous use for them! I collect old "orphan" pieces of silverware when I can find them, and love the idea of making the handles festive and over-the-top!

Madame Samm said...

Let's know if you are in our hugs and kisses hop?

Elita en Suisse said...

I love the casserole carrier! That would make a great gift. I often find treasures at my local Goodwill store. Now I have new ideas too! Thanks for sharing.

Thearica said...

came over for your hugs and kisses post for the blog hop but you must be still sleeping. will come back later today.

Rush'd Lady said...

Great minds think alike! Love the doilies and quilted pieces! Had to hop over here from "Going Green Crafters and Artists" and leave you a comment!

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