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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Memories 2012 and Craft Wrap up

Just a word or two about our2012 holiday, it was a quiet one in our house, and very modest. My family all live south, and hubby's family does celebrate with one big party.  Pics of the McM party here which was held at a local Community cabin...days before Christmas.
A little Santa Action!

a few cousins!

 teen girl cousins

 sis in laws, yes I am rocking my Christmas vest yet again this year!

Recapping my crafting this past month:  it has been a flurry of retail and subbing work and stolen moments to craft and create. I am proud to say very little cash was spent, made from a variety of recycling and craft store bargains.  A few tuts to follow:

 The feather magnet pins. The base for these pins were metal buttons promoting a special at my retail job. I rescued some from the trash can, and after using those up, I purchased magnet buttons, made of clear lucite.  The magnets that came with them are kind of weak, so I bought extra heavy duty ones to hot glue and add a matching magnet to.  I have a large box of broken clip earrings, buttons, spangles and mirrors.  I incorporated them in each pin.  I simply layered the feathers in a circular motion, hot glueing each down and featuring colors with each one.  I work with 12 gals and it is hard to come up with a gift that pleases everyone. The were a hit, along with tins of cookies.  They could take the tin home with the pin safely inside. We sell professionally made pins like this at my store, for lots more money, so it is low cost alternative.
 One of my co-workers needed a Christmas stocking copied to match her others bought in previous decades.  So here goes a brief tutorial:

I started by cutting the base in a retro print. Then also cutting the front lace panel and a piece for the cuff.  Also a layer of batting, treat all like a sandwich...I cut a cuff out of a lacy portion of table cloth lace.  To match the top of the stocking I also layered a piece of linen and green grograin ribbon. Then sewed everything right sides together, clipped corners and turned inside out.
To create the cuff at the top, I layered vintage lace that was already edged with a crochet edging, then a layer of green grosgrain ribbon, then a piece of muslin, folded over and pressed.    I applied the same to the back, (not covered with lace towards top of right picture)
Right sides together, stitched then the two stocking bodies right side together.  Below, I added the ball fringe as an afterthought, using a decorative stitch with embroidery floss.

Voila, a new stocking for the forgotten daughter...who now has the jazziest stocking yet!
Another Christmas gift, inspired by one of my coworkers. She burned herself catching a cake as it slid from the oven, and has a nasty scar.  I decided to connect two mitt style potholders with the flat type, all coated with a Teflon backing.  I simply used Wonder Under to fuse the lace elements from an old table cloth.  Then stitched through with embroidery floss, and used vintage buttons to attach the two arms.  If she wants to, she can simply detach and use separately.

 The happy recipient!
A few more gifts, I sent off to my Florida family, Almond Cookies, ornament and Silver Salad servers I bejeweled with wire and glassy beads.  The pink ribbon bundles are Casserole Carriers made from placemats, that traveled to South Carolina.   I made sis and sis in law each one, tutorial on my fav bloggers' site, Sew Many Ways.

 And for my grand nieces, I made doll/animal sleeping bags, and tucked light up balls inside.  My older nieces got to fight over sparkly frangrances wrapped in brown paper nestled between the blankets.

Christmas Traditions in my house include:
Cheese Fondue (The miracle of cheese) as we call it affectionately.  No recipe needed, just coat blocks of several varieties of swiss cheese, including Ementhaler with flour, cook on low heat in heated wine, adding more wine and cheese to evenly melt the concoction.  They put in a fondue pot, and dip with crusty warmed bread, apples and ham if you have it.  I neglected to snap a pic of the process but you get the picture!

Another fav tradition is after Christmas Eve services, I begin the Cinnamon rolls, this year cheating by using dethawed frozen bread dough.  I roll out the dough and layer on the brown sugar, cinnamon and butter, slice one inch pieces and place these in a greased pan to rise over night in the refrigerator. I also made half the bath with a layer of pecans and corn syrup on the bottom for the few of us that like a little nuts in our rolls. In the morning, turn on the oven, 375 and lower heat after they get started.   

 Off to bed in refrig.

 Then overnight, magically they are ready for oven.
Above are the rolls after baking, turned over onto parchment paper.  We had an extra guest this year, daughter's boyfriend C.  He spent a little time with us Christmas Eve at the Cleveland Botanical gardens and for Christmas morning.  The two lovebirds opened their gifts by the fireplace too!

 Some photo ops

 Check out some of the gingerbread offerings at the gardens, I love this broken white house version, with all of the states scattered about.  Notice the red and blue states!

 Hubby is thinking -)(*&)%^*&^)&()*&&^@!!

A special book for a mother from daughter!
Yes there is a size difference between daughter and boyfriend...they are so cute together!

Well that was a little montage of my December, wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year...more soon!

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Sonia said...

You've been very busy, looks like a great Decemeber! I love the feather magnet pins and your stocking tutorial, thanks so much for sharing!

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