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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My newest project, "Snowballing"

Doesn't this quilt colors and design look fresh?  I have kept the picture and link, from Twin Fibers for over a year now. 

Why you ask, am I suddently infatuated with the snowball?  First of all, it is summer, and second, I work at a quilt store and get to look at the beautiful quilts surrounding me as I work around the store.  So my first paycheck bought me some fabric from the Habitat collection, (kind of contemporary prints.)  The sample above the fabric collection and display was a snowball design.  It seemed to work so well with the prints, and it just so happens that I have been collecting pictures of my favorites from around blog world.  To make it economical, I am making a scrappy version, similar to the beauty in the picture.  But instead of whites and pastels, I am going with the black and more contemporary look.  My poor hubby of 33 years...as of today, (anniversary) has had to live with my shabby chic and cottage obsession for a long time.  Our bedroom sports 50s furniture from his parents painted in black.  I have been unable to find black and teal or black and blues and greens in bedding.  And now that I am in the quilt world, I need to create my own.  So, be watching as I explore quilt design and construction.  I have a Bernina on loan for home use, so no excuses, right?   Look at some of the pretty fabrics, in the collection; below left; not too feminine but soothing.   To the right,  check out one of many embroidery motifs I created, while teaching myself on the top of the line machine Bernina 830!

And as I am working 6 day weeks for July, I have been a good girl in bringing my lunch each day,  this salad is half from my garden, raspberries included!  So refreshing, while it lasts!

Well, be watching as I return to quilting as another one of my favorite past times.  What have you been up to this week?  Please post a link to your latest creation, and if you aren't a follower, add yourself and leave me a comment.  Love all that I have seen so far, and thanks for making blogging for me so special!


ElisabethAndree said...

Thanks for hosting this link party. Quilting, snowballing....I am curious:) I come back in the near future to see your progress.

The4Rs said...

Thanks Elisabeth! Check out the neat ones on the Twins link I put on my post. You will see lots of variations on this theme!

twin fibers said...

Your snowball quilt is going to look lovely! Happy sewing!

Crafty Nancy said...

It was great to meet you in the quilt shop today (I was the one looking for gray and yellow fabric)

I love your blog! It was great to meet a blogger in person since I look at so many just like you. You are very talented and I look forward to seeing more projects!

The4Rs said...

Thank you Nancy! Ditto! Add yourself as a follower, I sometimes host giveaways! Send me your fav links, I'll include them in future reviews too!

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