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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun and Work, Linky up with me, #9

Reap What You Sew Linky #8 was interesting.  Lots of girly stuff, maybe Father's Day brings these out.  I enjoyed seeing how to make the fluffy flipflops, and zipper rose!  So summery and fun!  Thanks ladies for posting. 

It has been only a few days of summer vacation, and already, daughter is posting on Facebook that she is bored!  I have a craft room brimming with projects to make, but she just can't be coaxed into learning or trying.  She took a home ec class this past year, cooking and sewing, the latter, she wasn't too happy about, as her project looked a little sad!  I subbed in the class, and there were almost 30 kids with one teacher and maybe 10 machines.  Controlled chaos, and probably quite a few kids were lost as they attempted their projects.  One of my two districts I sub for, is cancelling home ec at the middle school and plan to discontinue at the high school level after next year.  I am so sad that this will impact quite a few kids, especially those who might not be college bound, but for most, losing classes that teach practical skills.  Please comment on whether your schools should offer practical arts for their students, like cooking and sewing, balancing a checkbook etc. I am of course biased since I have taught these subjects. But if we lose these programs, who will teach the kids how to cook, take care of practical concerns? Hope that the pendulum swings back, but for now, I am just sad!

There has been an uptick in participation in how to sew and cooking classes in our area, through other sources. A great resource, for sewing is your local quilt shop.  I visited one the other day to check it out.  Abigayles Quiltery, happens to be in Olmsted Falls, just a short 20 minute trip from my home.  A charming shop nestled in with others in a picturesque little shopping village, called Pacific Junction.  I am lusting after the beautiful Bernina machines for sale there.  I talked to Beverly and Nancy, just today, I am hoping to reveal why in an upcoming post.  Let's just say, I hope to continue to use my passion for people and creating in a new avenue. 

We have a local arts guild  in my town that holds classes, I signed my daughter up to be a helper with the children's classes.   Hope she can get some extra time in learning some techniques, even if it is only for a few sessions. 
Well enough soap box, here are a few pics of stuff I am working on for next Saturdays Country Fair, in my little town.  The historical society is putting it on, I hope you will come and see our little booth, Crystal's Upholstering and The 4Rs!    To the left, is an old quilt that is quite worn in some places.  I have used pieces of it to add pockets to totes, and this week, I made two doll blankets, by cutting to size and binding the edges with fabric from my stash.

The mystery beads are something I am working on, inspired by something one of my bloggers linked up last party.  I will show you the end result, as soon as it is finished.  I am combining jewelry and fabric elements, to create something new!

Another quilt top, this time, I believe Dresden Plate? that was probably made from feed sacks, you can still see the writing faintly on the edges. The fabric looks like it is from the 30's or 40's. Parts of this quilt top were badly stained, and because the whole thing was pieced by hand, I had to go over the seams with the sewing machine to make sure they wouldn't have holes.  I used an old sheet and home dec fabric to back it, as I didn't have anything else that would work.  I think it came out nicely, and I have enough to make 2 baby sized quilts, with leftover for pillows or other projects.
I leave you now with this weeks Reap What You Sew Sundays Linky Party.  Please post a link of something you made recently that was inspired by a fellow blogger.  Leave a comment, and add yourself as a follower if you haven't done so yet.

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Kellianne @ tinkeranniebelle said...

What great quilts!--I need to get working on some of mine, I always start them but never finish... and I can't wait to see your necklace!

Thanks so much for featuring my headband--loving your blog!

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