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Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Flea Market, Linky Party # 8

Yesterday, (Saturday) a local vintage/craft store held a $10.00 table rental Flea Market.  Crystal (my upholstering friend) and I spent a pleasant day under the shade of our tent, selling our wares. We brought alot of our "flea" treasures to sell along with a few regular items.  The fleas went the fastest, priced to sell of course.  We lugged a lot of or usual stuff, and in the 93 degree heat almost passed out dragging everything back home. We both agree it was an interesting day, though possibly not as profitable as a fair or show.  I am commited to try a few more, but admit that it can be pretty strenous!  I draw strength from my friend's energy and enthusiasm!

Check out Crystal's child's traveling sewing machine! (picture on the right)   Made in early 50's it is so cute, it is a hand crank, and clamps to a table.  She found out it didn't work well with the crazy quilt squares she was trying to sew through.  She made a stack of lined squares before the show to sell for folks to make bags or quilts with.  She sat embroidering her squares while I crocheted.  Later, I realize that my one arm was not in the shade and suffered a nasty sunburn, farmer tan style.  

 We each made a little money, but of course spent it on must haves! 

For me, I bought a few vintage linens and baubles, Crystal saw a small fold up table she couldn't live without.  We both laughed our way through the day, chatting up prospective customers and making new friends. We both agree, sitting outside and shopping are our favorite pasttimes.  We will be "partners in crime" again in 2 weeks for the Bay Village Historical Society antique show.  And again in July for the Westlake Historical Society's show.  I am praying for cooler temps, as I don't relish setting up and tearing down in such oppressive heat!  Watch for some yummy recipes and tutorials this week, I hope to have more time as subbing winds down for the year.

Check out these two great ideas in this weeks linky...
Tinkeranniebelle talked about this cheerful necklace and

Sarah , showed how you can upcycle a farm implement!

I have so enjoyed seeing what my fellow crafter/bloggers have been up to!  I hope you are stopping by each week, by Sunday, to see all the great stuff!  I hope you will spread the word about my linky party, I hope to feature more giveaways in the future. 

Reap What You Sew Sundays, LInky # 8...please post your linky this week of something you made or cooked that reminds you of your dad, in honor of Fathers Day.  I will pick my favorites to feature in the next post.  Add yourself as a follower and leave me a comment and of course visit each week to see what we all have been up to!  Thanks!!


Kellianne @ tinkeranniebelle said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the feature--how wonderful! :)

Wendys Hat said...

How fun!

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