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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Refashioning for summer, Linky Party #7

Spring/summer refashion ideas

 This coral knit/crochet top was so cute when I first bought it. I adore the crochet, but the knit became pilled and kind of clingy. Rather than throw it away, I cut off the offending parts, then cut two panels out of cute cotton print, and I ran row of gathers across the top of the panels and gathered it to the crochet bodice


A simple turned up hem, and it was done! I have a number of skirts that are way too cute to pitch, with embroidery details and flouncy underskirts. Why not turn these into girly aprons, to give as gifts,wear or make for my etsy shop?  The skirt below is a gored, lined with lace edged underskirt and not a very attractive fit for me.  Rather than just donate to a thrift store, where I will shop another day and purchase, I turned it into:

A Skirt To Girly Apron Tutorial

Skirt: Simply cut the skirt in half, slicing down near the side seams, turn under the sides twice, press and sew down.

Ties: make the ties by using a complementary print, 2 1/2 inches wide and long enough to apply over the skirt front with plenty to wrap around once to make a bow on the front. I like to taper the ends into a point, but you don't have to. You will probably have to piece the sash, to make it long enough. I try to line up the seams at the edges of the skirt, so they look uniform. Fold the sash in half, then turn in both raw edges 1/4, press, then top stitch on both long edges. Set aside.

Straps: You will also need 2-2 inch wide straps, from same or another print. Measure from the top of your chest to the back of your neck plus about 8 inches to make a bow, or not as long, to secure velcro to attach. Fold each strap in half, and then turn in the raw edges 1/4 inch. Press, then sew along both edges. Put aside.

Bib: The remaining fabric from the back of the skirt can be made into a bib. Cut your shape, making sure it covers your chest sufficiently,use this as the pattern to cut a second piece out of lining fabric. Fold and press up the bottom of the lining 5/8in. If you want to embellish the bib with trims, do this before you apply the lining to it.

I cut strips from the leftover pieces to make straps for the bodice, make sure again, they are long enough by pinning to your bodice and leaving long enough to tie a decent bow around your neck. I incorporated the lace edges into the tie for interest.  Press each in half, and then turn in raw edges 1/4 inch, top stitch on each side.

 Insert your straps at the top of the bib, (inside the sandwich made by the lining piece and the outer front) placing the straps inside.Make sure you sew over the edge of the straps at the top, but not catching them in any other seams. Then, sew the lining and outside bib right sides together, around 3 sides, leaving the bottom open where it will be attached to the skirt. Trim excess fabric, or surge.
 Assemble:Then pin and sew, (right sides together) the bib across the bottom edge, keeping the pressed edge free. Hold it up to yourself, if you are happy with the result, grade seam edges, then pin the pressed edge of the bib over the raw selvage edges, and slip stitch closed, catching in the seam.

 Here you can see the straps attached to the curved waist band.  I stitched right sides together on the ends.

Of course, don't forget pockets!  I simply cut squares from the lining, with the lace at the top.  Sew pocket with lining right sides together, leaving a small hole to turn inside out, slip stitch and press.  Pin where they look best on your apron, then sew around the 3 sides, with topstitching.   

A little corsage pin, layers of cotton topped with sparkly nylon, secured with a button. I used a felt circle sew through the button and safety pin.

Please post a link of something you repurposed, recycled, redid and/or renewed! The 4RS mantra!  Add yourself as a follower, and leave me a comment if you would be so kind!  Enjoy your long weekend!


Sonia said...

Wow, it makes me wish I wear aprons! That came out really neat. Great work!

southernscraps said...

The apron is so pretty!

Kellianne @ tinkeranniebelle said...

So cute--I love that dress!!! Thanks for inviting me over--great blog! <3

Erica Louise said...

Saw this on GGC&A, love this! And that you are also doing a linky party!

Amg-Arts said...

Oh I love it!

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