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Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break Amusements and Linky Giveaway #2

Spring break came and went last week.  Daughter was increasingly bored, espcially with our wintry cold weather. Since I was also on break, I committed to spending a few days with her, shopping of course, museums, check, and wedged in were a few projects clogging up my sewing space.
A few pics from her day at the Great Lakes Science center, which is just a stones throw to the Rock Hall of Fame.  I couldn't talk her friend into going there, even though daughter has never been.  At $23.00 per ticket for adults, I didn't argue too much. 
Today's Tutorial: I had this super size picture frame, left to languish in a friend's basement, with a ghastly fakey floral picture in it. Picture shows process of being painted.  I taped off the pretty brass decorative design next to the fake mahogany

 I had bought a couple of pieces of styrofoam insulation a while back, thinking design or inspiration board,  and a striped shower curtain, and picked up for $2.00 at Goodwill. My current sewing room is somewhat neutral with Dove Gray paint, and deep blue carpet, all the better to see threads on of course! (the former tenant, daughter had 3 different bright colors on her walls, it took 3 coats of Benjy Moore paint to neutralize! ) I have a number of vintage pieces of furniture including a neat 1920's metal topped table that makes a great base for a smallish ironing board. When I saw the stripes, with all of my favorite colors, I just knew it had to be a statement. 
Here are the steps in pictures.
I painted the frame with leftover trim paint, and roughed up the edges a bit with sandpaper.
What do you think?  I love pinning up my future projects and bits of lace and doily for inspiration.

Another pursuit during the week was to cut out patterns, and sew up a few creations.  Pictured here is my daughter's friend Rachel, modeling a simple gray gathered skirt, that I made at her request.  She later made me take off the rick rack around the pockets, too cutesy...for a 14 year old.  My daughter's is made with the exception of hem, I need her to try it on before I finish it.  I had bought so many patterns and fabric at the going out of business sale at Joanns nearby, I have been sewing clothing almost exclusively.  Spring is supposed to spring, on Sunday this week, after cold and rain...in Cleveland, we are usually the last to feel any warm weather, or see our bulbs bloom.  But it will be worth it!
Well my first linky party giveaway (last post) snagged 13 people, and a few new followers! Thank you to all who participated!  I am hoping to make this a regular event, if I don't get too busy.  I had a job interview on Friday today for a Family and Consumer Science position (Home Ec)  in a nearby suburb, that I am so excited about.  Jobs like this don't come up very often, and since I lost my job due to budget cuts back in 2008, I haven't had a steady paycheck or benefits.  I have been asking everyone to pray for me to be considered, and I take great comfort in knowing that if the Lord wants me in this position, He will guide me to make a good impression.  I am bringing brought with me as many letters of recommendation that I can carry, from the schools I sub in, and plan to have more emailed as soon as I obtain them.  The interview went well, but I was asked some very strange questions, not typical to job interviews I have been to in the past.

 I am offering a choice of gently viewed books again for this next linky party!  Comment which one you'd like and why...!
For those of you new to Linky Parties, first of all I think they are alot of fun!  You get a chance to show off what neat stuff you made recently, and we all get to click the link to check it out.  I only ask that you reference my linky party in some way on your post, or side bar, comment and become a follower if you haven't done so yet.  I have code you can cut and paste at the top of my side bar, "Reap What you Sew Sundays".  Party closes on Sundays evenings, since I got a late start posting this, it will end Sunday April 17th. Check back to see who won, comment/post and to check out the great stuff people are making!  Email or post if you have any issues...have a creative week! Linky party here:


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

That skirt is so cute! :)


The4Rs said...

Hey Kim, thanks so much! I think the rick rack makes it, but obviously, teens don't agree! Stop back for my ncext linky party!

Allison said...

I had that same striped shower curtain!!! Actually I think I gave it to goodwill...maybe it's mine?? :) Now I wish I still had it! Thanks for saying hi and have a great day - Allison

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