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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pillow Book Holder Tutorial and Winter Continues

One of my my dear sisters in law, (I have 5of them) was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, with a lesion that began on a hand.  Doctors say it was fast growing and necessitated taking parts of her skin, and sections of arm that needed to have skin grafts.  She then had to return to surgery for lymph nodes that were affected, just 2 weeks ago.. On top of it all, was her birthday on Valentines Day, so to remember her and to give her something she could actually use as she recovers, I tried to find ideas for making a book pillow rest.  I saw the triangle shaped things on the internet, but they just didn't inspire me.  I looked through Etsy sellers, and there was one very ingenious one, but rather than wait for it, I plunged into my own version.  I took an embroidered pillow sham from my surplus linen collection, and first made a linen pillow to fit it and stuffed it with poly fill. 

 For me, practicality always is the first consideration, so I had to make sure it was a removable and washable cover. Then I selected pink ribbon, to make the stays that hold the book binding, and chose stretchy lingerie lace for the page holders. If I had narrower lace, I would have used it, but still recovering from my sinus/cold/ crud condition, I opted to use what I had. I simply attached the ribbons securely top and bottom.

 Velcro is used on one of the ribbon stays, here I am placing and adjusting.
 And I saw alot of pillows with an eyeglass pocket, so I made mine by attempting to create a bound/pocket variation. I made a slice in the fabric, constructed a linen envelope to attach to it on the inside. If I had made the pillow sham from scratch, I would have done this before it was constructed, but I had to work with what I had. So it is not the prettiest of pockets, but it does the job. I think the fact that it is internal to the pillow sham, might protect fragile glasses better. What do you think of my idea?

I cut a slit for where the glasses pocket could be placed. I used some ironing tape, and pressed the edges under, in prep for a zigzagged ribbon to cover and support the pocket edge.

 Notice the velcro on one side of the two ribbon stays.  You slide one side of a larger book, and then open the velcro side and adjust.  The book stays pretty secure, though the pillow is a bit puffy, so it might take some breaking in.

 I made a little ribbon bow for up top to cover the velcro I sewed along the edges to keep the sham closed up top.
The book I picked up at the Library Book sale, for my sis in law was "Oprah", by Kitty Kelly.  A tell all, and not very flattering view of her.  I am fascinated by Oprah, always thought she has led a pretty feisty life, I skimmed this book, hoping to bolster my admiration for the lady.  Sadly, alot of the book especially in the later sections, show how being a billionaire has corrupted her life and thinking.  The new network My Own, was briefly mentioned as her future endeavors.  I have only watched a little bit of her channel, but you have to give her credit for fighting for her vision. 

At the risk of showing how portly I have become this winter, here is the skirt I started last fall.  I blogged about getting this fab designer, Kay Whitt's book, and plunged into making a "patchwork" pieced skirt of her design.  It was an a-line fitted design, and to compensate for my girth, I added inches on each panel.  Well, the reason this skirt sat on my sewing table for so long was that I had to take it in, 2 times, that means on each panel!  Finally, it was still too large, I added an elastic waist band, that eases the extra fabric around.  And I discovered it was a bit too short, so a row of green cotton and lace extended it a bit.  I am not known for wearing red. but when I found the green and brown piped shirt at a thrift store, I decided to use up the pieces of brown, red and green calico I had laying around.  Hubby thinks it is perfect when I want to dress up as a clown's wife (remember, he is color blind) ...I like it, it has personality!  Maybe it would be good for a spring luncheon, or for housecleaning...Whatever, I was glad to finally finish it.

Well, this is February 27th, and I have officially been sick for 4 weeks now.  On my second antibiotic, I just can't shake this sinus thing.  Maybe I will still get my flu shot, cause I just don't want to go through this again for awhile!

Ending with a beautiful shot of our trees after the last 2 major storms, it began with an ice coating, then full blown storm, then, big trees all around us crashed our electric lines, so we were without power for 2 days.   Nothing like 40 degree inside temp to speed your recovery from a cold...! Our elderly neighbors suffered the most, we made them food on our gas stove, and got them groceries...so glad we have a working fireplace, it helped, though even that has it's limitations.

Watch for a recipe and tut, see ya next post!


Betsy said...

I truly hope your sister in law gets through her surgeries and is back to good health soon. This pillow is such a thoughtful gift and so pretty too. You did a great job, thanks for sharing the tutorial with us.
Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for visiting with me to and entering my giveaway.

The4Rs said...

Thank you for your kind comments! I appreciate your giveaway, I hope to try one again soon. Don't have many followers...but then I don't do it for an audience, just myself! God bless, thanks for visiing!

Happy Together said...

I really like that book holder! Very creative and unique :)

The4Rs said...

Thanks Jess, necessity is the mother of invention, right?
Can't wait to see baby girl #2! Love all the great stuff you have on your blog!

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