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Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter woes, our remodel continues

  I have been so under the weather for the past 2 weeks, I barely sat at my computer at all. It began with a sore throat, moved to a full blown sinus infection and today it has left me with no sense of smell, or taste and a mostly stuffed up head. But the antibiotics are only on day 4, so I guess there is hope. As my cold takes it toll, the weather has finally allowed us to see patches of grass again. And all the water and ice have found some new ways into our house. In the midst of my travail, we finally jump started a boarded up first floor bath, that began it's journey in 2007. Yes, that year we had high hopes, and quickly tore the room down to the studs, only to find that a complete replumb, rewire and new window were in order. A few items were done over the years, but the big push came just these past two weeks. I was too weak to be of much help except to critique each days work. Our friend Andy weathered my snorts and criticsm, and I think we got a beautiful, mostly finished bath as a result. I dreamed it almost exactly as it stands now, so not bad for having foresight. You be the judge. Here is the journey in pics:

I stalked this mahogany vanity for over a year, and finally got the owner to separate it from the larger set.


We decided to recycle the existing porcelain tub.  Drywalling and ceiling were completed last summer, no pics for some reason exist!

The first tiles, set the tone!  Half my tile budget was the mosaic glass, but such a great design element!  I saved money cutting them into the squares for the floor and using them in a border saved the cost as well!

We ran out of field tile, since I had purchased a close out.  I knew it would happen, but not sure how it would affect the design.  We purchased plain white 2x2's and Home Depot, to finish the shower area.  I think it worked just fine!

 Don't you just love the pinwheel design on the floor!  It just sparkles most of the day!

Ahhhh, finally a first floor guest bath! 

So after only 4 years, a few hiccups along the way, and a miserable sinus infection, and tile install for the past 2 weeks, voila! We have a bathroom, just short of a few more touches, including needing an electrician to resupply power to the room. I plan to paint the wooden frame around the glass, and get a cabinet made for the closet space we stole from another room. (not shown) The glass just sparkles in the light, and makes our eclectic furniture and stained glass window just pop! I really like the pinwheel floor design, to save tile we had to lay straight instead of on a diagonal. Definately worth all of the suffering.

Watch my next post, it won't be so long this time, I will post a easy tutorial on making a bed rest book pillow holder. I made one for my sister in law who is recovering from surgery. Stop back soon!

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