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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey Buns and some decorating ideas for vintage doilies

Have to do a quick shout out to my hubby of 32 years today, I LOVE YOU! We are celebrating today by getting a roof estimate!  We had hail damage early this summer that has left some areas allow water to creep in. Glamorous, no, but necessary.  Funny over the years how our gifts to each other have changed.  Jewelry was never one of our items of choice.  But practical reigned, as we treated ourselves to home improvements.  Of course when you buy a "handyman" special of a home, improvements are always going on.  We plan on celebrating at a local restaurant for lunch, as food ranks up there in terms of marking occasions. I have enjoyed the ride so far, looking forward to many more, Ted...
 1978 to present

The past few weeks have been bucolic, lots of summer activities. It is so nice to be a "teacher" to  have summers "off" where you can pack in alot of fun.  Our summers  include swimming in our backyard and boating in Sandusky.  The boat almost didn't get put in the water this year, there is a story I won't waste your time with.  Last year we just sat at the dock, with gas being so expensive.  Over the 4th we invited some friends to take a ride on the tube and enjoy the fireworks.

friends Madi and Morgan, warming up the tube!

Textile and Crochet Decorating for your Home

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know how much I love doilies and vintage textiles.  Part of what started my hobby, I mean business was turning my surplus into cash.  I have my favorites of course, that I won't part with.  My grandma Sadie, as I remember her, always had her hands busy crocheting, tatting and knitting.  My earliest memories of her are her hands working swiftly with some delicate doily, as she talked and drank coffee in the parlor.  I was fascinated that art could be created out of string.  Some of my most prized ones adorn my parlor walls today.  I simply starched them, took a few small stitches towards the top to anchor to the foam board that I had covered in solid chintz.  I actually built the frames for each one too, purist that I am, at one of those frame it yourself shops, back in the 80's.  Most of these doilies languished many years in my mother's linen drawers, but I was so happy to bring them to life in this way. 

 Here is my collection of 6 coordinating pieces, each with a different solid color coordinating with my parlor.

I have alot of large filet crochet panels that took up drawer space for a short while.  This large peacock panel was around 36 by 70 inches, and probably graced a window or hung on a window back in the day.  I was in need of hanging storage for my vintage beads and brooches, so first I covered a bulletin board with a neutral pink chintz, and then wrapped the whole board with the filet panel, hot glueing it on the back side.  I didn't want to cut or harm the design, so glue is easily picked off when I want to recycle again.  Here is a view of it hanging in my bedroom.  I use some of the pins to hang light necklaces on them, or long corsage pins, bent to hang heavier pieces.  I think of it as wall art, and keeps my items organized, albeit dusty... but I enjoy looking at them.

 I had a large filet panel, that I loved, that originally I planned for a long window topper. Unfortunately I never got around to installing a rod, so instead, I sewed an old eyelet edged ruffled sheet to the bottom of it, clipped clear shower curtain rings to the top, and bought a spring loaded shower curtain bar, and stretched this across my daughter's closet. The old doors were annoying and came off the track alot so this was a much more attractive option.

Even though the panel was longer than the curtain and space, I simply let it hang evenly on each side.

A little peek at a utility room bath, plants infiltrating...

I have even more ideas to share, but this post is getting long, so stick around for another post with great ideas for repurposing those beautiful textiles, and another summer time fav recipe, Peach Cobbler... until next time!


Julia said...

Teaching, family, and vintage doilies.......we have a lot in common. I'm a retired teacher, love my family and use vintage linens, laces, etc....i my sewing all the time.

The4Rs said...

Julia, there is a reason we are teachers, and enjoy creative stuff, the world needs more of us, right? Have a great week, and thanks for posting!!!

Julia said...

I added some photos to your flicker site. I'm not sure how to add this newest little dress. When I clicked on add pictures only certain of my picts showed up . I guess at some time I put them on this flicker site when I joined a couple of other bloggers sites. I don't remember what I did!

Julia said...

I have added some photos to your flicker site. I added a few other dresses that I've made in the past, all using antique linens, curtains, hankies, etc...... Thank you for the invite,

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