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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thrift Pile Sweater Upcycle

The Thrift Pile!
Having fun with thrifting,   Upcycling is the answer,when your budget and time are a factor. I couldn't resist jazzing up that plain jane green Ann Taylor cotton sweater. I was fortunate to find items in good condition, though the neck edges were a little rough. I decided the best way was to cover worn edges was to hide them.

Here is a pic of the edges, not very attractive...
The sweater has 3/4 sleeves, and is soft and comfy. I love the look of lace, and sewing an edge and making roses with pearls seemed like a nice way to perk it up. Should look like a twin set with a lacy tank or t-shirt.  I know it is perfect for our on and off again spring weather.   I will show what I do with the other items, in the following posts.  Stay tuned!
A close up, of pearls and lace made into small flowers.  LOL, I pinned and sewed on and realized that they are on my right side, and I know usually corsages go over your heart.  Oh well, it is my take on an upcycle.

I was featured in a Treasury on Etsy today, or recently, I am not sure.  The curator sent me an email today letting me know.  She did a collection of Rainbows, and my Girls Rainbow Halter Top was chosen.  I was so excited, I have never been featured before.  I have been selling items on Etsy for over a year now, and it has been a fun hobby.Guess I better get more items up there, and pronto!
One of my blog readers Susan Boyd, recently wrote me for clarification on my Crochet Swiffer Cover.  I was so pleased when she said she made one successfully, and sent it to her sister, who promptly sent her picture.  Here is her Sis, holding the cover made up in variegated yarns. I decided to make a flick group for blog readers to post pics based on my tutorials or inspirations.  Please post your pics and Strut Your Stuff, 4Rs Style.  I welcome your cool projects. 

Spring is still trying to warm up, but my garden planting is starting to see some benefits. I have an old sandbox with tomatoes I started inside.  And around my back porch, are pots of various experiments.   Pictured here is my future salad, hope I can harvest soon.   The sad little pine tree was from a school project, guess I should put it in the ground soon.

Next post, I will detail the story of how my second child came into our lives, and another thrifed clothing item gets reshaped into a new size.  See ya soon and post your pics!


Alyssa said...

Great idea. The sweater turned out really nice.

Sew It Up Baby! said...

It looks like new! Very creative and pretty too :o)

The4Rs said...

Thanks ladies, I appreciate your visit! Hope to check out what you've been up to also. Time for me to take some piles of my stuff to the Good Will...:)

Dayna said...

I've been wanting to do a project like this with a garment, but I can't get over fear of regretting it...

Heather said...

Very pretty! Love the little pearl flowers. Congrats on your Etsy feature! :o)

The4Rs said...

Dayna, sometimes I do fear a re-do, but I ask myself if I will wear it the way it is or enjoy it in a new way. Low cost thrift clothes don't carry with it a huge guilt when you alter them. Think of the low cost, high enjoyment factor!
Heather, thanks for your comments, I just love this community!

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