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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A spring weekend, and a Gift for Mom Tutorial

 More slice of life stuff to report on.  Went to a wedding in Cincinnati last weekend.  Donna my highschool/college chum invited us.  I brought along my daughter, so we had a girls only trip of one overnight.  A mutual highschool/college friend Karen invited us to stay at her home in Oxford Ohio, the college town of Miami U.  I didn't want to waste the opportunity to see her and hubby and to take my 13 year old on her first college visit!  So in 24 hours time, we drove 4 hours down, made the afternoon wedding, shopped in between, made the reception then drove another 40 minutes north to sleep in Oxford.  Our tour the following day after breakfast took us all around the campus; (a little history here: I attended Miami between 1974-1977 finishing my last year of college in Akron so that I could plan a wedding, and a trip out of the country with hubby to work in the Peace Corps. El Salvador.  Student teaching closer to home that last year meant that I could be around to plan the wedding and pack our possessions to be stored till we returned. )
Bride Kristin and Dad Dave
I had one of these, but it kicked off 3 days of reflux!
We three in high school!

We three now!
Newlywed game
Well lots of years have elasped and yet while lots of things have changed, I still felt a tingle as we drove around seeing the places I lived and laughed, and learned.  I hope to continue to pass that love of learning on to my children and to see them succeed as I feel I have, even if I haven't accumulated lots of wealth or titles. To be happy in one's skin, that is not a class, but a gift. 
My last residence at Miami U., rooming house behind the St. Mary's
Shimmery Shawl Tutorial

I want to share a quickie tutorial, a simple cotton fabric shawl with a finishing option that would make a lovely gift for a mom, grandma, aunt or other lady in your life. And my version recycles too, which satisfies my need to be frugal and green!  Quick disclaimer, I made this and took a day or two to blog about it, and then saw Disney's crinkled scarf, at Ruffles and Stuff Blog; a tutorial for a mom's day gift!  We think alike, though the scarves are not.

Begin with a yard and a half of gauzy cotton fabric, this sparkly cotton dobby weave caught my eye, from JoAnn's.  It is fancy yet it can be casual too.

 I split mine in two so I can make one for myself too!
I have a huge stash of cotton lace and pieces from thrift stores and even my own collection.  This eyelet bedskirt had seen better days, in fact I made it for our own bed, with pieces from old curtains. 

 No longer needed, and in some disrepair, I have been keeping it for future projects. I measured 6 inches from each end of the gauzy fabric piece, cut across, then finished the longer piece's end by turning the edge over.

I took the eyelet, and sewed the unfinished side right sides together to the raw edge of the opposite cut edge. Then I laid the eyelet pretty edge over the finished edge and stitched along keeping it straight. I turned the edges of the sides under kind of like a rolled hem, to no frays stuck out. (Sorry, the pics are not the best, it is hard to show and shoot! Finish the two bottom edges the same and the finishing touch was this cute ball trim, I had left over from another project
Some pretty options or alternatives, would be to trim the bottoms with rows of lace, or ruffles.  Fringe would be a fun choice as well.  Use up whatever you have laying around, and you can make this shawl wider or narrower, depending on what you have. 

This shawl would be a comfortable option for spring events like weddings, or tied around the neck as a warmer option for cooler weather.  The scarf I saw that had some of the same features was over $30.00 at Coldwater Creek.  Of course they didn't have the jaunty recycled eyelet like I do.  Their loss!  The best part of this project is that it only cost around $2.00 with inexpensive yardage bought with a 40 percent coupon! Treat your mom or grandma to one for Mothers Day! And don't feel guilty when you indulge yourself too!

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