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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life is full of contrasts!

This picture is not detailed enough for you to see the snow showers, sprinkling all over our newly risen daffodils. (Apr 8th)  That is ok, you can get a visual when you picture breaking out the shorts just a day before for the 80 degrees and to wake up around the 30 degree mark. Shiver!  Just another spring day in Cleveland.  Contrasts are all around me this week, the freshness of new life against the celebration of a well-earned retirement.  My brother in law Terry, pictured here  on left with the Mary and Tim at a little dinner party held in his honor.  Brother Tom and wife Jackie are in right picture.  Terry is one of the lucky ones, working for one company most of his life, even if they changed hands a few times.  He gets to retire with his dignity and a nice pension.  5 out of 6 of my hubby's brothers work for themselves, so the golden parachute is just an expression of speech, not something we will experience. 

Hubby and I enjoying the party!

And for more contrasts, we have a Baby baptism and party to attend tomorrow.  My son's friend's dad is raising a second family, little Ben will be celebrating joining God's family with a little party afterwards.   Before I leave this post, here is what I made for the baby's gift, it only took an hour, but I have to say, while it looks simple, I really struggled with it. My goal was to make an inexpensive but appreciated gift for a 6 month old. 

Monkey Lovey
Here is a semi-recycled item, quick to make in a pinch!  This lovey is a square of ultra soft fleece with a stuffed beany baby inserted between them, right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Simple, but tricky, to sew a cut open animal spilling pellets out as you try to stitch.  I have to make more of these for a friends silent auction soon, I may have to work on my technique.  Anyone make one of these out in blogland?  Comment on whether you left the beans inside the animal, or if you removed them.  I triple stitched the animal closed, before inserting it, but I am still a bit worried about it.  What do you think?  My tip for you is to stitch each half firmly, making sure the pellets don't escape, and then attempt to insert the body into the seams
Well, one last day of Easter vacation week.  For my daughter, it was one sleepover after another, we have had wild loud nights and silent ones, as she went to others homes.  We haven't had the amazing quality mother daughter times, just stolen moments, but I know we are blessed to be able to share our hurts and triumphs.  That is all a mom can ask, right? And this past week had my hubby and I repainting my daughters bold mutlticolor room in a neutral dove gray, so my son can move home soon. He is taking a few college classes and still looking for work, though we are praying for a miracle, he had another interview with a large computer company, that would be his dream job.  And he sold his beat up pick up truck, a prayer answered for now.

I know I am revealing alot of personal stuff on this post, but I feel the floodgates opening after coming through a difficult time. I won my unemployment case, against a former retail employer, so I get a cash influx in my bank account until I pay the lawyer who helped us win, meaning it is a wash, but a clearing of my name and honor.  I can only say, walking through the valley, one can really appreciate the sunshine.  Today was one of those days, as I started planting seeds, for my vegetable garden and for my next chapter.  Thank you God, and my reader for riding along, even without knowing many details. Just know, life's contrasts are what make the colors brighter...:)

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sewtakeahike said...

How very awesome for your brother in law Sandi!!! I really hope the contrast you're seeing all around you is just a small indication of the contrast yet to come in your own life. From where things were, to where they're going!

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