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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breezes Welcome!

Welcome Link Partiers from TeaRose Home. Tutorial follows ...
All the cold, rain and mud are forgotten today as we welcome spring, and the temp zooms close to 80 degrees!  Rode my bike for the first time this year, so nice to smile and greet neighbors as you pass by!  So many daffodils ready to show off, can't wait to see them! Why do winters seem longer every year I get older?  Is there a correlation, I think so!  I so enjoyed gathering up the winter hats, gloves and snow pants littering the back hall to hide them till next October.  And we get to welcome Easter in our spring apparel so this will be a special weekend.  I have to find out if those shorts still fit, seems like there are no guarantees.  I promised a month ago, when I started Curves that I would be 10 pounds lighter.  I have had to settle for inches instead.  I go today for a measure, I am not sure what the verdict will be, I have been through Valentine candy and now Easter, so all the dieting in the world won't be an antidote to my cheating.  At least I wasn't winded riding today.  More on Curves below.

For Easter, it will be quiet, as it is just my 2 kids.  Both pictures above, were taken around the same age, but they are 10 years apart.  Last year I got them together to make Rice Krispie squares in the shape of eggs.  We will probably hide the small baskets of candy, and follow the clues.  It is tradition, no matter how old you are.  Try it with your kids this weekend.  I hid plastic eggs with the clues inside, and write down where I hide them.  I take an hour and make up little rhymes with suggestions of where they are.  Cut up the clues and insert them into the eggs,  keeping a master copy just in case.  Some years, I recycle the clues, no one seems to remember.  The baskets are usually hidden in the dryer, or under a table cloth.  Not too imaginative, but it is fun to make the kids work for their treats!  Well, I want to leave this springy post with a fresh idea.  My daughter needed a curtain, but not one that covers the window in a heavy way.  I came up with a recycled window panel that I sewed ribbons onto, so they flow in the breeze.  Of course they have to coordinate with her groovy decor.  So here goes:

Free Spirit Style Curtain - how to  Link Party at TeaRose Home
I picked up this polyester lacy panel for my daughters bedroom window, some time ago.  I added a few ribbons then, and then went crazy adding more.  All you do is cut lengths of ribbon to attach just below the rod pocket of a panel.  I stitched them on and voila! the curtain has a life of its own in the breeze.  Today, I could actually open the window to see the ribbons fly.  Try this with an ordinary panel, you'll enjoy the movement, kind of like a kite in the wind!


And now a few pics of the little project, ME.  I am demonstrating here a leg lift machine, and pics of our local Curves.  I am working out for free thanks to a program called Go Fit Cleveland!  For 3 months(I started in March) I am commited to working out 3 days a week, and monthly weigh ins and measurement.  It is hoped that with participating YMCAs and Curves that we can motivate a whole population to be healthier.  So nice for me was that the doors were thrown open and a wonderful breeze blew through.  The last pic is a happy sight, the words END when you complete your 2 go circuits on the equipment.  I can definately say that I feel tighter and my arms wobble less.  Stay tuned, for more results!

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sewtakeahike said...

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sandy! Love your curtain, it's so cute. Perfect for an open window! I hope you reach all your weight loss/inches loss goals sooner than you think you will!

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