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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearin o the green

My puppydog, Bella here is sporting a green stripe on her newly shaved head. (shaved because she had grown so matted and long, see before picture on the left. It was time)  No the dog didn't go to the parade,but my darling daughter and friends decided it was too important to miss, so they donned their green hair spray and lucky charms shorts to spend the day in the rare sunshine to be a part of the festivities.  Cleveland is one of the big parades in the country, we have alot of landed Irish, and each generation tries to top the last, with their celebrations.  The Catholic schools all had the day off.  And many of the public schools were battling the Irish Flu as well.  This day was not the usual for us, hubby's work kept him from downtown as did mine, subbing at the local high school.
Here is friend, Carson dodging the camera.  The green paint doesn't do much to disguise these truants, but they have worked hard in school and a day in 45 degree weather with sunshine is not to be missed!

I have a question for the bloggers in the audience, I tried to upload a Blog Hop with Mr. Linky, but somehow, I picked one that ended, so I removed the blog post.  I will try again soon, it seemed like an intriquing idea. 

Contest closed:  Do you like blog hops, and why would you want one on your blog? Comment to get your name in a contest.  Prize is $5.00 credit on anything in my etsy shop
Winner is Sofia, from Sofia's World.  Hop on over to see her cute blog!


Sofia's World said...

haha:) i had to google 'what's blog hop?" and YES!!! I love 'em. I quite often find interesting blogs doing that.

The4Rs said...

Thanks for your comment Sofia, love your blog too! You are my only entry in my contest, you are my winner! $5.00 off an item in my shop, please email me so I can set it up on etsy. I'll leave a message on your blog too, in case you don't see this.

Aylan said...

I saw your comment over on My Frugal Family http://theherberfamily.blogspot.com/2010/03/craft-hacking-grandin-road.html

Asking about how to get your blog name on your pics. I found a free program that will do it. Go to www.downloads.com (virus free site) and search for "FastStone Image Viewer" It can convert the size of your pics (usually smaller to make them easier to d/l), Label a large batch of photos, Put a nice boarder around them, some basic photo enhancing.... anyhow, it takes a bit to get used to... and i would be happy to help walk you through once you down load it.


The4Rs said...

Thank you for the tip LadyAylan,
I am slowly learning tips, keep watching my blog as I figure things out!

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