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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roses on my windowsill!

I meant to post last weekend, but time got away from me.  I wanted to show this beautiful bouquet, from of all people, my son Kevin on Valentines Day.  I already warned hubby not to bring home chocolates, as I have been steadily putting on the pounds for weeks.  I received some Primroses from him, which were a welcome touch of color, but I was so floored my son thought of me and his sister, whom he also bought a bouquet for.  He doesn't usually remember any occasions, and I am not sure what prompted him this time, but I was so grateful and touched!  I love my kids with such intensity, it scares me sometimes. he has been interviewing for a job with a major computer company and I am silently praying very hard, that he finally gets his break.  3 interviews out of an original field of 1000, narrowed down to a few guys.  He still might have to move home as his financial situation is difficult, but a job gives us all some real hope.  I will report in another post whether this is also cause for celebration.

I am still actively looking for a full time teaching gig myself, but continue to substitute teach.  Openings for what I do, are rare, Family and Consumer Sciences, but I am open to other types of positions as well. 

Walking in the woods last week, I came across this log, the tree having fallen some years ago, grinning back at me.  I travel a path that many dog walkers take, but I couldn't miss chuckling, and even noticing the smile was licking it's lips!  The cold and snow have really been taking their toll.  I mentioned recently that I have really been in the doldums, not creating much, just on auto pilot.  Well I had my first day at Curves, and have committed to losing 10 pounds by March 20th.  See, I have locked myself into a goal, and now I have to follow through.  A great web site I have used for teaching in the past and now for myself is http://sparkpeople.com/
The site lets you set up goals, post your food and fitness each day, and is a wonderful site for inspiration and information.  Even if you are not looking to lose weight, it helps you learn more about what you are eating, and there are wonderful exercise videos and nutrition experts to guide you.

I might have mentioned that our family has been struggling with finances.  Like many of you, dealing with unemployment and a decrease in paychecks and increases in expenses, the food dollar doesn't go far!  I have a little angel, named Paula, my good friend who somehow, knew of my struggle without my verbalizing, and she found out I was going to go to the grocery store and insisted I go to her home first.  I thought maybe she had coupons for me, and instead, 4 bags of groceries.!!! I still can't believe how kind she was to do this for me, but if you knew her, you would say she is busy doing God's work here; she has her own major struggles with a daughter with a seizure disorder.  She homeschools and somehow always is involved in helping others.  I count her as a very wonderful friend. We have known each other for a long time.  She has always been the kind of friend who is there for you, no questions asked.  The green tub pictured here is my payback.  She is having a benefit for Dravet Syndrome, in July.  There will be a silent auction and dinner and special appearances.  She works tirelessly for a cure for her daughter and many others that she mentors.  I hope to make a few Stuffed Animal blankets and Loveys for her to auction off.
If you landed on my blog recently, you would see I am offering a flickr group to promote a green use of vintage. Please continue to post your creations here, I love to see and share what others come up with. I hope to be posting more to my etsy shop soon, I am getting the urge to sew spring related stuff! I sold the Doily Heart Tote in my etsy shop last week, here is a pic to say goodbye!  I plan to make some more soon, as you can never had enough tote bags, right?


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