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Monday, June 1, 2009

Time has flown, but no idle hands here!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Took a little breather, seems like life has just been moving too fast lately, mostly good stuff happening. We are starting to get our groove back on selling real estate, and we are finally beginning to pay bills again. This past year has been the most trying of our 30 year marriage and the most challenging so far to date. The economy, played a major role, and continues to, but there is more hope now. And the changes we made to meet the challenges will continue, cutting back on everything, using coupons, turning off lights, hanging laundry outside, car pooling, or riding bikes, thrifting and garage sale bargaining, craigs list selling, on and on. Though I have to say we did all of these things without thinking, but now we have a reason and a cause. How about you? Have you made changes in the way you live, or is that something others do? I don't know anyone that has gone unscathed by the recession, but there are levels that is for sure. Like how we drive older cars, but they run, and we own a boat, but it is 25 years old and sits at a dock most of the summer. But we don't miss out on what we feel is important, family time, outdoors every minute we can, since the nice weather is so fleeting. Ok, off the soap box, I get preachy, but there is no voice to stop my rambling.

Have been doing a bit of sewing for myself, bought a number of patterns to make summer tops, every time I shop for clothes, I say, to myself, I can do that, and then it waits for me to do that! Always seem to gravitate towards turquoise or teal.

I posted a top on etsy today I made my 12 year old daughter; after picking out this cheerful rainbow fabric, she decides she says it looks like an apron? Well, she didn't grow up in the 60's with me, but I made these type of tops by the dozens and wore them everywhere. She will want them next year, but for today, it is going for sale in my shop. Probably a size 8-10 if you are interested. I completely lined it in her fav color, yellow, and it has a cute grosgrain ribbon all the way around with a double button treatment with a heart on the front. It is so bright, and cheerful, it glows in the dark!

One last topic, I was asked by Sew Mama Sew to post a button tutorial. I hope to whip out my aging movie camera and create a video. It will help me for my teaching career so it won't be a waste of time. I offered to talk about Bar tack style button holes, my Elna and Lotus do not have separate button hole attachments, so I thought it might be educational to talk about how to do these. Stay tuned, I will post links here too when I get it done. I have taught many kids how to do them, I am sure I can share this with you all too!

Last 4 days of school, I am ready to do some sleeping in; aaaah summer! Here we come!

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