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Monday, May 4, 2009

Win a Vintage Needle Book Contest

Post your favorite sewing memory of your mom, in honor of Mother's Day, and win your mom or yourself one of my Vintage Needle Books. Go to my etsy shop to view the 5 needlebooks featured in my shop. Come back to my site, and post your memory and which one you would pick for yourself or for a gift. I will mail it to whomever you choose. If the color you picked is no longer available, I will make a custom one. Contest is being extended to May 10th, 6:00pm. Eastern Standard time. I will randomly pick a number and announce the winner on Mother's Day. Please pass this along to others bloggers out there, it is a small prize, but I know the comments are heartfelt. Mother's Day has always been harder for me since my mom passed away, and before that, it was bittersweet, as my hubby and I were infertile. Even later when I adopted my two kids, I felt there was another mother out there perhaps thinking of the child she couldn't raise, so for most of my married life, it has been a day I pause and think about, and thank God for, the unselfish act of the two young mothers choosing us to parent their children. What a privilege and a sacrifice.


Happy Together said...

I would have to say my favorite sewing memory of my mom is when she used to sew puppets for the Children's Church at Church. They were so cool and all the kids loved them! It really kept their attention and helped them remember great life lessons. My fave of all of your books is the yellow one! I just love that color. They are so cute!

san said...

I love your memory! Mom's play an important part in their children's faith formation. I know why you are such caring person, those values are some of the best things we get from our moms!

Anonymous said...

This post is from my dear friend Paula, she writes "Well, I'm so great on the computer, but you know that, that I can't post a comment! But I will share with you that sewing with my mother and grandmother equaled great love to me. That both these women would invest their time, patience, and knowledge into me from a young age and teach me what they knew about sewing was priceless. I LOVED the time we spent together and the clothing we created. Sewing will always have a warm spot in my heart because of the great times we shared. I treasure the baptism dress and baby bumper pads and quilt we made the last time we sewed together and hope that they will be handed down to many children in our future generations."

Kathy said...

My Mom has taught me to appreciate hand made. I owe her a big thank you for that. I think the reason she taught us that was that she appreciates the work. Now Mom has tried to sew over the years - there was the time she took a class and made my sis and me t-shirts - measured our necks to get the neckline right- forgot it had to go over the head...so yea - I could wear my sisters (shirt too big but nice TIGHT fit around the neck) and mine went to some poor soul at goodwill?
But as I said earlier - my mother is the reason I know both my sister and I appreciate handmade and do a lot of it ourselves. And the next generation is learning the lesson also. We take it for granted - so many families don't know HOW to do these things. Always amazes me at girl scout meetings for my nieces when I teach for some badge - the mothers are AWED...so we should all appreciate our moms. Guess I best go call her.

Needle cases - I love the daffodil one!!! And what a great idea/reuse.

Vintage said...

The memory that comes to mind is the time my Mom had my whole girl scout troop over to earn our sewing badge. We all made shift dresses, which were all the rage back in the 60's. What patience she had.....none of us really knew how to sew! But now I do!
I love the one with the pink flower. My Mom loves pink.

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