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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Famous, and Easter Staycation Wrapup

News and last weekends Staycation, lots to share! I am so excited to be the guest chef on Lolly's Blog, click the link to see it! She is a fabulous graphic designer, crafter, chef, and blogger that I have been following for some months now. She has great insights on so many topics, and always has exciting giveaways. If you are not using a RSS Blog reader, I recommend you try Google Reader. Every day, it is like opening up a treasure box of great ideas, from the bloggers I have selected to follow. She has generously included me and provides a recipe card for the featured dish that you can collect like trading cards! Check out her past issues, she has some real gems.

Thank you Lolly, I hope to have you guest star on this site soon, to introduce yourself to my small circle of friends.

Pictured here is Son and Daughter having some Easter Fun with rice krispies, and of course dyeing eggs, mom and dad are written on two of them, thanks Kate!

Easter came and went and I wanted to share details of our 24 hour "Staycation" here in Cleveland. We bought a club membership to the Wyndham Hotel, downtown, last fall, that for a small fee, provided us with a free nights stay, and 50% off of meals. We decided to stay and play, taking my 12 year old daughter and a friend for swimming, and later, after a fancy meal, to attend a play. We opted out of the play, swimming again instead. The following morning after a nice brunch, we attended an Episcopal Service at Trinity Cathedral, a majestic building that hosts brown bag concerts, and traveling choirs. My favorite group Anuna even recorded some of a recent album there, the acoustics are amazing. Link takes you to a processional as they performed there a year or two ago. Hauntingly beautiful! This church is a real beauty, it still has it's original towering pipe organ, and the worn marble floors testify to it's continued use over 100 years. We witnessed a diverse crowd of all races and I presume faiths, for the Easter Service that featured trumpet fanfares and latin choral pieces. I could see my daughters' face and eyes wide with wonder at the majesty of the setting and sounds. Being tourists in our city, gave us a new perspective, and we so enjoyed the smiling faces of the skeleton staff that presided on our hotel visit. For our vacant store fronts, and failing businesses, there are still a hardy few that live and work in our city, and if not for staycationers, or tourists from neighboring cities taking in our sports venues, there wouldn't be income for many.

Picture of my daughters back, to show the easter dress I made her, blurred as she avoids my camera and angrily tries to get away!
At least our weather is shining again, and the daffodils and robins are leading the way to a bright new season of spring and summer on the North Coast. We hope to tour more of our attractions in the coming months, The Rock Hall of Fame, the Great Lakes Science Center, our revamped Museums in University Circle. If you are within driving distance of our city, consider a trip to take it all in. We have public beaches, and a beautiful Metro Parks with bike trails for miles, all so accesible and hasstle free. A great value, that goes overlooked.

Clean shaven, (as promised) hubby and I at brunch. Pic reminds me to get back on my diet and exercise routine, and pronto!

Watch for a tote bag tutorial, on my next post, just had too much preaching to do on this issue. Comment and tell me your thoughts, I love to hear from folks who lurk out there...:)


Hippie Family... said...

hi, I came over from Lollys to see your site, I don't know what I did wrong but I use firefox and your u-tube took over the screen so I can't read your post because it's scrolling with me.. yikes!! maybe i'll try again later.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love your recipe on Lollychops! It looks delish! I also love your special touch of cutting the bread with the cookie cutter.

san said...

Hi, Hippie Family, I am sorry, I threw the You tube on there, but it might not be working right, I'll move it or lose it! Thanks for visiting, add yourself as a follower! Check back!

Cassie said...

Came over from Lolly's - wonderful recipe - I can't wait to try it!! I'm also bookmarking the Toffee Bar one below!!

san said...

Thank you, I only put up my very favorites, and I am not finished with doing that yet! If you couldn't tell, by my words, my pic shows how much I enjoy food!

Happy Together said...

Another great looking recipe. I'll have to try this one too :)

LollyChops said...

Thanks so much for being my guest! It was lovely to have you over!


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