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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cards are done and gone!

Here is my Christmas Card this year, saved money and bought the cards at half price, the pics I created with Publisher, and took to a drug store to reproduce. I wrote a newsletter on a half sheet to explain the pics. You need a magnifiying glass, but that is ok, you see less gray hair and wrinkles right? A week and counting, hope to blog again before Christmas. There should be some good stories by then!

On to the next item on the list, the family Christmas Party! Hubby and I are the hosts, as it cycles around his 5 brothers every year. Pictured here is most of the family, none of the babies made this event. Our extended family is too big to host at home, so we are meeting in a city park cabin, with kitchenette, fireplaces and tvs. We can watch the game, eat and visit and let the kids and babies roam the large space, and not worry about the breakables! It is so nice that we can still get together, all but one brother live in town, and with all of our kids having their babies, it is important to keep the traditions. I chose a menu based on my Dutch heritage and hubbies Irish heritage. So of course we are having sausages, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. I am making a Dutch Christmas treat, Banket, which is a pastry with almond filling. My sis calls it Dutch Twinkies, but it is way richer and after eating alot as a kid, not something I seek out. We make it in the shape of the person's initial. We also give chocolate in initials, if we can get to the import store. Should be alot of fun!

One more Cleveland Team Show tomorrow night, got to finish a few more items, and hopefully get them up on the etsy site. I get to rest my hands after Christmas, as I am having carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand, a few days after Christmas and eventually my left. I have worn them out over the years, playing piano, sewing, tennis, sports, saxophone, of course typing on the computer...I will be glad to end the pain and numbness. Anyone out there in craftland have this surgery, what should I expect? I will be anxious to learn more, so far most people say it is worth it. I will hate not being able to work with my hands, but maybe I"ll get a few more years out of them?


Happy Together said...

I like what you did for your card. Very creative. Your Christmas event sounds like it's going to be wonderful! My husbands side has a Ukranian Christmas every year to celebrate their heritage. It's fun. My family is all mutts and has nothing like that, so I really enjoy it. Have fun!

san said...

Thanks for your comment, I just found it, sitting out there! It all went well except the aftermath for me! Hand surgery went ok too, I am typing for exercise! Are you moved in to your new home, or are you in between? Hope it is going well! My dad winters in Venice, don't know if you are near this area, it has to be warmer than our town! God bless, more later...

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