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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Check another item off the holiday list, hand surgery!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, our Christmas is put away, due to the fact of surgery 2 days ago. Ok, the bandages are off, as of this morning, I am wearing a bandaid and brace, (not pictured) and am exercising my fingers by blogging! Can't do much else, but I am catching up on my Google Reader!

Christmas is a fond memory, the family party went well, excepting the major gastritis attack following cleanup, I lost 6 lbs in 8 hours! Not exactly a smart way to diet, I checked to be sure no one else had any bad experiences. None reported, so it was definately my own delicate constitution. I have sworn off sweets and baked goods, and if I never eat sausages again, I will be fine. My Banket recipe was tried by a few, and most said they liked it! I will include it below, for any curious lurkers...

Well we have had 3 babies born into our family this past month, one girl, Zora for my side of the family, and 2 baby boys, on hubby's side born a week apart,

Jack and Andrew. I am glad I started making baby blankets and taggies etc. I have a nice stash of baby gifts as they are needed.

A busy but happy time, though quiet around our house, hope the New Year we ring in tonight brings with it lots more biz opportunities for us all. Here is the Banket Recipe, as written by my mom for a cook book in the 70's, "Christmas is a Warm Cookie", The Children's Board of Lakewood Hospsital, Lakewood Ohio 1979

Banket - Dutch Almond Pastry

as it comes out of the oven
and arranged into an initial, M

1 C Butter
1C Margarine
4 c flour

1 C ice water

1lb. almond paste (found in a can)
2 c sugar
1t lemon extract
1/2 t almond extract

1 beaten egg
2T milk

Crust: cut butter and margarine into flour; add ice water till it makes a soft dough. Roll up into 4 balls and wrap individually in waxed paper. Chill overnight.

Filling: Put all filling ingredients in a mixer bowl and beat till smooth. Chill overnight.

Roll each ball on a floured board to about 8x13". Cut lengthwise into 2 equal strips. Divide filling into 8 parts. Make a cylinder of each part and place down the center of each strip of dough. Fold over the ends, and then the long sides, moistening 1 side to seal, before pressing closed. Place with seam down on greased cookie sheet. Brush top with mixture of beaten egg and milk. Bake at 425; 10 minutes. Prick holes on top for air and return to oven and bake for an additional 10 minutes then loosen from cookie sheet.

When ready to serve, cut in 1" slices. Yield: 7-8 dozen.

Best to keep in freezer if not serving with a day or two.

Watch for giveways soon!


sewtakeahike said...

Hi Sandy, I hope your hand heals quickly after the surgery you had!

san said...

Thanks Penny, it is looking alot better, thanks! I was able to put it to half use, shoveling the 10 inches of snow off my driveway today, hubby is away with daughter, on an Indian Princess campout weekend, so I am getting lots of exercise! Thanks for the kind remarks, I appreciate the comraderie!

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