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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lighthouses in Life

It was the weekend, and another night on our boat and Halloweekends at Cedar Point. I couldn't pass up the Marblehead Lighthouse Festival, and Craft Fair at Lakeside, Marblehead on a beautiful Saturday. I need to balance the intensity of amusement park lines and rides with something more bucolic and restful. I got my wish! Pictured are my daughter and friend Sara enjoying the sights. We met some lovely people and enjoyed a great pizza lunch at Sloopy's. We left my hubby to puttering around the boat, so he could get something done.
Lakeside, Ohio is a unique place, a collection of turn of the century cottages and shops that started out as a Methodist Summer Camp. Today, many families return every year to vacation together, in a low tech environment. My best friend from high school's family still goes there every summer. They come from all over the country to hang together. Well it was a beautiful day to get some sunshine and to peruse the crafts. I gave the etsy address to two ladies who were selling dog jackets, something I thought of doing, if I could make it worth my while. I urged them to check out etsy.com, they said they would.

Lighthouses have been pivotal in my life, named our real estate company Lighthouse Realty, met my hubby in a park with a lighthouse. Always loved the bible passage, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your works and glorify God in heaven." I think this was our class motto as well at my Lutheran parochial school. Lately, I have been traveling down memory lane, remembering my mom, who has been gone almost 20 years, lost to breast cancer. I have kept her smiling pic on my refrigerator, since the day she was diagnosed. She is a reminder of the beacon of light her faith was to her, and now, as her daughter, I must keep the light shining. I know it is my duty to shine the way for my kids too. That is the hardest job of all. But so worth it. Well, I got all serious on this blog, but it it cathartic.

Today I attended a family baby shower, and I made my gifts, after seeing similar items on an etsy shop. (I love how inspired I get checking out what people make!) Here is a pic of what I made for my niece who is expecting in December. An etsian calls the loopy blanket, Hug and Tug, it was a big hit! I might try making more in the future, easy, but fun stuff. Check out my site, a few new items have been added, the4rs.etsy.com I have some great boat pics, for another day...as we say adios to Indian summer!


Michaela said...

I love these loopy baby blankets. I found your blog over on CraftStylish.com, thanks for the URL your work is awesome!

san said...

Hi Michaela! Thanks for your comment, don't have an email for you, so hope you check my response. Thanks for the complement, I wonder if these would sell? I had fun making them, what would you pay for a loopy blanket? I have alot of the minky fabric, so watch for me to post a few on my etsy site!

Michaela said...

You are very welcome. You know, I am not the best person to ask about pricing--I usually DIY. But I do have a suggestion: why don't you post this on CraftStylish and ask that community? I should also mention that I am the managing editor of that site--but I think that everyone would be eager to weigh in and help you figure it out.

san said...

I am honored you checked me out. I am just starting the blogging and selling thing, I love the CraftStylish site! I went back to my post and added what I really wanted to say, remembering my mom who passed away from breast cancer. I think pink in her honor all the time, but I have been especially nostalgic as the seasons change, it will be 20 years in February. I will probably research price on etsy, but thanks for the tip! Do you have a special blog section, being as you are the editor and all?

Michaela said...

You are very welcome. You know I am not the best person to ask about pricing--I usually DIY. But I do have a suggestion: why don't you post the project on CraftStylish.com and ask the folks on the site what they think? I should mention that I am the managing editor of that site--but I really think that the audience there would be eager to weigh in and help you out. Best, Michaela

Michaela said...

Thanks, I am delighted to hear that you are a fan of CraftStylish! Yes, I have many things posted to the site, if you go into the site search and ptype in Michaela Murphy you will see all of my posts. My most recent is this one: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/11308/craftes-inferno-scary-crafty-excesses-or-how-to-terrify-the-opposite-sex

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you here and on CraftStylish.

Michaela said...

I just went to CraftStylish and read the lovely tribute to your mother. My own mother passed away a few years ago, not to cancer (an accident) but never the less, I love reading any tribute to our mothers. I am lucky to have had mine for as long as I did.

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