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Friday, October 31, 2008

Harvest Hankerings

Finding time to post has been kind of tough lately, I have been picking up more subbing jobs and real estate tasks and there is always lots to do to help hubby with his work. Spending more time indoors means I am turning more time to my kitchen. After picking apples last weekend with my daughter, I turned our efforts into my favorite dessert, apple pie. I am including a tutorial of how my mom taught me, and now I hope to pass it on to my daughter.

I have been busy making stuff for a harvest show benefitting our Early Childhood Association, so I decided to put my crafts together with 3 other friends, we are calling our little group, "It Takes a Village". I know it is not original, but we have more than one reason to call ourselves this. We each have special needs children, we try to help each other out with life's little challenges, and we all attend the same church, and have over the years volunteered our time to others in similar circumstances. We plan to donate a small percentage of our sales to the work of special needs groups at our church.

Been busy making stuff for my etsy site too; though don't know if they are being seen by anyone? Times are tough for everyone, I know I am not shopping for much for the holiday, knowing that it will have to be handmade, by me. So I have been searching the internet for good ideas, the hardest ones to make for our the boys and men. Anyone have some easy, inexpensive ideas for crafting for the guys that would be a gift they'd actually enjoy? Post your ideas, here and I have a flower pin/band or clip for the winner, to be drawn by next Friday, Nov 7th, 9pm. Post a comment, even if you don't have any brainy ideas, ok?

Last topic I wanted to share some of my "collections". I try to limit my hoarding to groups of things, here are a few pics of them. What kinds of stuff do you hoard, and why? Post a comment here also if you have a pic or a category to share. I think it is amazing how these little collections take over, but kind if in a sentimental way, right?

I have more, this is just part one, of stuff!


Happy Together said...

Be encouraged :) I think all crafters hit some slow points. I just did a craft show here in Virginia Beach, VA and only sold like 5 things! I kind of figured it would happen because the people who go to that show don't really go for the kind of things I make, but I'm going to keep on going because it's my passion :) Good luck with the Harvest Show! I also have some ideas for men and boys that I'm going to do and will be blogging about when I get around to them. For the younger boys, I'm making them capes with masks and a matching doll (they can be "Superhero_their name here__". For the 10 year old boy, I'm thinking a screen printed tee thing. I know you can do something with freezer paper stenciling. I need to research that. Also, a premade scrapbook for swimming (that's his sport of choice). For the older ones, ties for the ones who would use them; heat packs made from rice/beans/etc.; i also found a tutorial for making bowls out of records that i'm going to do; fleece blankets are also easy to make and everyone loves how fleece feels; i think I have some more ideas and will be writing about them. Have fun :)

san said...

Thanks Jayne, you are a true blogging friend! This has been a low day for me and my family, encouragement is so appreciated! Great ideas too! Already making the corn bags, we all love them, I will check out some of the others. Did I read you are possibly moving? That has to keep you busy, if not just preoccupied. I will pray for you. Thanks again, you are entered in my "contest"!

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