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Monday, September 22, 2008

What do you want to cozy?

Created this "cozy" today, but not sure what to list on my etsy site as it's use. Can you help? I am offering a coupon towards buying one of my items to the person who comes up with a creative use for my cozy. It is sized 15x10x 3. I envisioned a large tea pot, 4 slot toaster or just using it to hide something. Email or post your ideas!
Fall starts today, there is definately a chill in the night air. Time to break out the quilts and get cozy! We spent the weekend, trying to squeeze out the last bits of summer, motoring on our boat on Lake Erie, riding rides at Cedar Point, (the roller coaster capital of the world) and getting plenty of sunshine after the previous week spent cleaning up and dealing with the last remnants of Ike. Looking over my piles of items to recycle and redo, I get excited for the rainy days. Then I don't feel so guilty sitting in my sewing room. What do you craft when the weather is nice or gloomy. Post your thoughts! Also, check out some of the amazing blogs I am collecting on my site. Some great ideas and recipes!


Happy Together said...

Hi Sandy:) This is Jessica from ohsohappytogether. Congrats on starting your blog! Isn't it fun? To answer your questions, I got the panels from www.fabric.com. It's in the quilting section under the Michael Miller prints. I have printed images onto fabric and it worked well, I just don't have the waterproof ink so when it got wet it bled really bad (here's a great how to from sewing stars : http://limelady.livejournal.com/106122.html). I used Eileen's tacky glue for the embellishments (it's holding up really well. I love that glue!). Thanks for your interest and I look forward to see what great things you will share with us all :)

san said...

Thanks so much! My hubby is getting jealous of all the time I have been spending getting set up, doing research, and now blogging! I wonder if I can subscribe to your blog? Let me know how, and thanks for the tutorial, I have been toying with using my own images to imprint on fabric to sew with. I only have an ink jet, so it probably won't work, but I can dream up uses for that printable fabric right? Hey, got a purpose for that darn cozy thing?

Penny said...

Your cozy is so cute Sandra! The I was trying to think of something else one could use it for and I'm drawing a blank. I guess one thing I thought of is to roll the edges down, turn it over and use it for a bedside or entryway catch-all?

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I have a really UGLY teapot that I would LOVE to cover up. :) Or ~ it might fit over my plain "Hot Sandwich Maker". It doesn't look quite large enough to cover my UGLY Toaster Oven. Come to think of it ~ I've got several unslightly looking appliances just in my Kitchen. Don't get me started on the rest of our Cottage.....

Congrats on the beginnings of a Fabulous Blog ~ isn't it fun?

Bunny Hugs ~


san said...

Thanks Jayne, you are entered in the contest! You are too funny! Are you getting alot of takers on your contest?

Happy Together said...

yes, I do have an idea. what about a laptop cozy? I first thought about a regular computer screen, you know keep the dust off and all when not on, so it could work for that as well :)

Karen said...

I would say, put a zipper across the top and use it as a clutch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy~
I was thinking if you were having company or just preparing rolls or muffins for your family, you could put the goodies in a lovely basket and then cover them with your beautiful cozy to keep them warm. or you could put it in the bathroom to cover up *girly* needs, if you get my drift:0)or if you have 3 hungry boys and they always find your stash of goodies (cookies,chocolate,brownies)you could hide the goodies under there,(mine wouldn't look) and they would think its just decoration! ha,ha
Thanks for letting me know about the contest! Olivia

Anonymous said...

I thought of another one. You can put your tea boxes under it to cover them or even coffee if you buy it in the bag.


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